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Ingredia backs high protein drinks


Ingredia backs high protein drinks

 French ingredient supplier Ingredia is promoting new protein forms it says can deliver 35g of native protein in 250ml drinks.

It is launching PRODIET FLUID ate Health Ingredients Europe (HIE) next week in Frankfurt where it will showcase its milk protein isolate potentiality.

It says the ingredient is, rich in native micellar casein that has been designed to incorporate higher levels of proteins in a drink while inducing 70 to 88% less viscosity compared to a standard Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) with 85% nitrogenous matter on dry basis.”

It says the end result is drinks with a milk-like viscosity.

It will showcase ready-to-drink samples at the how, noting sports nutrition and products aimed at the elderly as potential markets for the ingredient.

“High protein drinks are no longer the prerogative of body-builders,” said the firm.

“More and more recreational sports people are looking for nutritional products that could enhance the effect of their training sessions as well as increase their performance and recovery.”

As a consequence, there is a growing demand for convenient, RTD products that can be taken ‘on the go’, as opposed to previous protein mixes that had to be diluted into a liquid matrix. At the same time, consumers expect those RTD products to taste better.”

It is also targeting the bars market, where it says 30% content can be achieved, “with no bad taste or off-flavor.”

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