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Lycored launches Japanese pagoda bone health, menopause blend


Lycored launches Japanese pagoda bone health, menopause blend

Lycored has launched a lycopene, vitamin D3 blend with genistein, sourced from the Japanese pagoda tree targeting bone health and menopausal women.

The Israeli supplier said the Lyc-O-Fem blend slowll delivered genistein, a phytoestrogen, allowing once-a-day use, rather than the usual twice-a-day.

“The advantage in combining the slow-release formulation of pure genistein with natural tomato lycopene, in addition to the cumulative activity in bone maintenance, is the ability of lycopene derivatives to reduce the risk of certain adverse effects associated with estrogenic activity,” said Tal Offer, PhD, product development manager at LycoRed.

Lyc-O-Fem is being sold in pre-mix, hard-shell capsules or as a bulk or fully packed product.

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