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Nutra Pharma to buy biotech company


Nutra Pharma, the US company which develops proprietary technologies for the manufacture of complex medicinal botanical extracts, has signed a letter of intent to Bio Therapeutics, a drug delivery platform producer.

The acquisition adds a complete line of patented and patent-pending drug delivery platforms and drug candidates to Nutra Pharma's portfolio, which already includes the wound healing herbal extract WD-667. Bio Therapeutics' main product is focused on the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Bio Therapeutics, founded in 1984 as Phylomed, has two primary technology platforms from which it is developing multiple products. The first is a proprietary and patented method for altering the three-dimensional structure of certain proteins and peptides which results in the preservation of receptor-binding characteristics.

The binding of specialised signalling proteins and peptides to cell surface receptors is an important part in the pathogenesis and progression of many different diseases. By modifying peptides which do not activate the normal biochemical pathways necessary for disease progression, powerful therapeutic agents could restore normal function to diseased tissue or exert a beneficial immunomodulatory effect.

The second major technology platform is an innovative aerosolised drug delivery system which greatly enhances the permeability of the mucous membranes found in the mouth and throat, thus allowing for the easy and efficient systemic delivery into the bloodstream of a much wider variety of proteins and peptides without frequent and painful injections.

"Bio Therapeutics has invested millions in research and development, obtained extensive patent coverage, built production facilities and made substantial progress in clinical trials," said Suzanne Mundschenk, chief executive officer of Bio Therapeutics. "We look forward to commercialising our products and technology through Nutra Pharma's leadership."

The company's research has yielded a breakthrough class of therapeutic peptides collectively referred to as 'Immunokines'. This peptide technology has created new opportunities for the relief and treatment of a variety of devastating neurological and viral disorders, most of which are currently without satisfactory therapies.

Trials of the product on multiple sclerosis sufferers have been highly successful, with one wheelchair-bound MS patient able to get up and walk unassisted only 30 minutes after administration of Alpha-Immunokine, the company claimed. Immunokine has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of cancers, HIV infections, and herpes, as well as viral diseases specific to animals. Immunokine also has the potential to treat hepatitis C infections in humans.

"Bio Therapeutics brings 18 years of R&D and product development that has yielded four patents and two patents-pending," said Dr Michael Flax, chief executive officer of Nutra Pharma. "Nutra Pharma will aggressively commercialise Bio Therapeutics' drug candidates and actively pursue licensing its extensive patent coverage of protein modification, protein drug delivery and inhalator delivery system."