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Global sports nutrition market to top $6 billion by 2018, report says

Revamped, more complete product lines that are connecting with new customers are driving growth in the sports nutrition market, according to a new report.

DMAA in the dock

DMAA blamed for London marathon death

A single dose of the banned stimulant DMAA was the most probable cause of the heart attack that killed Claire Squires in hospital after she collapsed during the final metres...

Human data supports bitter orange/ p-synephrine safety in humans: Nutratech

Extracts from bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) on its own or combined with naringin and hesperidin do not pose any risks at doses commonly used by humans, says new data from...

Exclusive interview

EC’s Mathioudakis: “You cannot build a sustainable food industry on misleading health claims”

With the European Union’s strict health food and supplement marketing laws in place, the European Commission’s food law unit head, Basil Mathioudakis, tells NutraIngredients why it’s generally working out fine…...

EU food law expert: “In reality mutual recognition does not work effectively”

Mutual recognition – the covenant that assumes what is good enough for one EU member state should be good enough for another – is a mislaid principle when it comes...

Brussels conference blog

Botanical sabbaticals, special cases, and the EU's legal Eldorado

The ongoing imbroglio around botanical health claim regulation in the EU saw no sign of resolution in Brussels yesterday as the EC’s Basil Mathioudakis said any new regulatory framework could...

Sweden: Ban rejected NHCR nutrients in supplements?; Legal experts: Don’t be silly

Lycopene, lutein, CoQ10, probiotics and any other nutrients rejected under the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) could be banned in food supplements, a Swedish government official told a congress...

Ayurvedic workhorses poised for market breakthrough, expert predicts

If you are looking for what’s hot on the botanical front in 2013, here’s the skinny from a longtime observer of the herbal arena: Open your lesson book to the...

West African sorghum extract shows anti-inflammatory and immune health benefits

An extract from West African sorghum may provide anti-inflammatory effects and immune benefits, as well as offer food color and nutricosmetic potential, according to new data.

EU seaweed project trawls antioxidant potential

An EU-funded project investigating the high-end nutritional content of seaweed says antioxidant extraction potential is high – with some seaweed forms offering better bioavailability than others.

Kosher gains ground as global QC measure

Having foods and ingredients approved by Jewish rabbis may not seem a matter that would of great importance to non-Jewish food and supplement manufacturers – not so.

ANH: "EC must face the music for separating botanicals and probiotics"

An article in ‘Nature’ magazine welcoming tough EU health claim laws has highlighted the conundrum facing EU regulators if the Union is to adopt different claim-substantiation criteria for about 2000...

Coffee waste may be a rich source antioxidants for supplements, suggest scientists

Waste from brewing coffee could be a valuable resource for the production of antioxidants for dietary supplements, say researchers.

EU medical devices route tempts article 13 health claim losers

European Union medicines agencies are reporting increasing numbers of ‘medical device’ applications for food supplement products rejected under strict EU health claim laws.

Sweet Outlook 2013: Part Two

Healthy chocolate and the future for commodities

Chocolate will gain more traction as a health food in the coming year as cocoa grinds shift to Asia and the sugar deregulation debate rages on.’s 2013 predictions part...

Green tea trumps rivals for antioxidant and antimicrobial properties

A South Korean study evaluating the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of tea extracts found that green tea showed the highest antioxidant activity in most tests and potent antimicrobial activity.

EFSA health claim opinions

Kuntze: EFSA rejects green tea-guarana weight loss claims (and more)

Green tea extracts (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) and guarana do not promote weight loss, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found, amid a fresh batch of article 13.5 health claim...

High antioxidant cookies possible with grape seed extracts, says IFT

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) claims that grape seed extracts can up the antioxidant content in cookies by 10 times when microencapsulated.

Big plans for Chinese berry in Australia

New varieties of the Chinese red bayberry fruit are nearing production after successful trials were held by growers, while a deal to market the produce is in the offing. 

Beetroot shows blood pressure benefits for healthy adults

Adding a glass of beetroot juice to the daily diet may help reduce blood pressure in healthy men, suggests new research from Australia.

Adulteration issues highlighted 2012, Blumenthal says

The year 2012 might not mark the end of the world.  But in future years as people look back, it might mark the beginning of the end for the adulteration...

December 14 EU health claims deadline

Stakeholder vox pop: December 14 EU health claim deadline

With the December 14 enforcement of the EU's article 13 general function health claim list that includes 200+ approved claims and about 1500 rejections just two days away (after a...

Guest article

Solgar on EU health claims: “The last 6-12 months have not been much fun”

Food supplements multinational Solgar reveals the sweeping marketing and formulation changes provoked by Friday’s belated confirmation of a massive list of approved and non-approved claims under the 2006 European Union...

Resveratrol and cancer: The study behind the headlines

Last week saw widespread media coverage of research suggesting resveratrol – often referred to as ‘the red wine compound’ – could help to cut cancer risk by half. NutraIngredients caught...

Ajinomoto wins EU chilli extract approval

Japanese supplier Ajinomoto’s chilli extract has won European Union Novel Foods status at various levels in 22 foodstuffs including flavoured waters, meal replacements, baked goods and sugar-free gum.