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EU sports nutrition industry welcomes Californian ‘cowboy’ fat burner ban

The European sports nutrition sector has backed Dutch and UK bans of a fat burning product called Dexaprine, and welcomed actions against “cowboy operators”.

UK busts more contaminated Chinese herbal medicines; ‘We are fed up’ says industry

The UK has issued yet another contamination warning against Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs) claiming to treat conditions like menstrual pain and hair loss – leaving the local industry exasperated at...

UK joins Dutch in banning Dexaprine fat burner; FSA issues DNP warning

The UK’s medicines agency has followed its Dutch counterpart in banning the fat burner Dexaprine made by Californian firm iForce Nutrition.

Dutch ban Dexaprine fat burner after hospitalisations

Dutch authorities have issued a warning against a US fat burning food supplement called Dexaprine after 11 adverse reactions including hospitalisations and severe heart problems.

Interview: Prof Suhaila Mohamed, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Malaysia’s herbal leadership the result of government support

Government financing and promotion of herbal ingredients research has helped Malaysia to become one of the world leaders in the field, according to one of the country’s pre-eminent researchers.

EU slaps plant sterol-stanol products with warning from 2014

Cholesterol-busting plant sterol and stanol products – worth about €2.5bn globally – will have to carry warning labels in the European Union from next February.

Little seeds, big deeds: Chia's bright bread future

Adding chia seeds to bread recipes significantly increases final product levels of proteins, lipids, ash and dietary fiber, and consumers like it too, according to research.

European fermented resveratrol wins Japanese supplement pre-approval; sights 2014 launch

Fermented resveratrol from Swiss biotech firm Evolva has won Japanese pre-approval in foods and food supplements – but the company says it won’t be jumping straight into the market.


Harvard scientists link coffee drinking to 45% lower suicide risk

Harvard scientists say their new study supports an association between drinking two to three cups of coffee daily and a 45% lower risk of suicide.

No juice: Prickly pear extract hangover cure encounters EU headache

The EU’s chief science agency has turned down a hangover health claim for a prickly pear extract before even evaluating the science behind it because it said the claim was...

Indian gooseberry extract (Capros) may counter endothelial dysfunction in diabetics: RCT

Daily supplements of an extract from Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) may improve the health of cells lining the blood vessels, and reduce levels of markers of oxidative stress in type-2...

Guest article

EFSA’s yohimbe aphrodisiac assessment ‘interesting and surprising’: EU herbal expert

Last week the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said a lack of data meant it could not decide upon the safety of aphrodisiac herbal, yohimbe. But are its methodologies up...

Watermelon juice soothes sore cycling muscles

Watermelon juice has ‘excellent’ potential as a functional drink to relieve sore muscles in athletes due to high levels of amino acid L-Citrulluine, a new Spanish study testing cyclists reports.

EFSA health claim opinions

Non-fermented fibre wins tooth claim; cranberry may need to find new tract

Non-fermented carbohydrates can deliver tooth health benefits but there is not enough data to show cranberry can benefit urinary tract infections, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found in...

EFSA ‘non’ opinion leaves yohimbe dead in the water in Europe

Yohimbe plant extracts are unlikely to gain sale in Europe after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) found this week the available data was too weak to allow it to...

EU harmonisation not always ‘appropriate’: UK government report

EU nations could better regulate botanical products and maximum permitted levels (MPLs) for nutrients in food supplements and functional foods than the European Union, a UK government report has suggested.

Sabinsa appoints new CEO to ‘execute a disciplined and ambitious growth pattern’

Jayasankar (Jay) Nair has joined Sabinsa as Chief Executive Officer, with the company set to 'execute a disciplined and ambitious growth pattern'.

Green coffee firm sledged over colon sludge claims

The UK advertising watchdog has roasted its second green coffee firm in a month for making unjustified weight loss, antioxidant, colonic health and other claims.

‘Very serious health hazard’: Swedes bust Chinese herbs containing arsenic

Chinese herbal products have been found to contain arsenic at potentially dangerous levels by Swedish authorities although no adverse events have been reported.

Just chillin’: Dutch ‘cool extraction’ start-up seeks partners

Dutch technology firm Phytonext wants investment partners to take its natural extract technologies to broader markets.

Herbal clampdown: UK seeks to end moratorium by year’s end

Herbal products that do not possess EU medicinal registrations should be removed from market by the end of the year, says the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

UK diabetes herb bust symptomatic of wider malaise?

A herbal product making diabetes claims in the UK has drawn the attention of the medicines regulator there, but the policing of herbal supplement products needs further examination, says the...

SME concerns raised at European Parliament botanicals workshop

More than 70 stakeholders attended a botanicals workshop in the European Parliament’s Brussels offices last week as the heat increases to resolve regulatory ambiguity across the EU for herbal products...

Provexis seeks to demerge Science in Sport and Fruitflow

UK firm Provexis has filed to demerge the Science in Sport (SiS) consumer sports brand it purchased for €10m in June 2011 from its Fruitflow tomato-based ingredients business, as it...

Home cooking: Phytosterols giant seeks category expansion

Unilever has applied to UK authorities for EU novel foods approval for its cholesterol-lowering phytosterol esters in liquid vegetable fats used in home cooking and baking.