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Special edition: Superfruits - old news or still super?

Superfruits category still booming (but care is needed)

Are consumers experiencing superfruit fatigue? Depends on the fruit…and who you talk to.

Symrise backs sour cherry power for sports recovery

Symrise has launched what it says is the highest polyphenol concentration extract derived from European-sourced sour cherries. Sports recovery is the target market.

Lawyers ponder future of botanicals in EU

Legal and scientific experts will gather in Brussels this week to debate the future of botanical products in the European Union – a category that straddles foods and medicines but...

GSK jolts Lucozade with Champions' Choice caffeine variant

GlaxoSmithKline has debuted a caffeine-boosted version of its isotonic Lucozade Sports range with mental focus the central selling point.

Research first: Soy-rich diet may help women's lung cancer survival

Women who have a diet that is packed with soy prior to diagnosis with certain cancers may have longer survival rates, according to new research.

Sirco sales up 300% as claims and taste receive makeover

Sales of Sirco – the UK juice containing an EFSA-approved, blood flow-benefitting tomato extract – have surged 300% in the past 12 months amid a formula, claims and distribution revamp.

LycoRed's new carotenoid beadlet system enhances stability, flexibility

LycoRed has extended its line of carotenoid coatings with a new beadlet system that will function both for tablets and beverages.

Special edition: New trends in heart healthy foods

Heart healthy foods, the next generation: ‘It’s not just about cholesterol anymore… it’s about healthy arteries’

While LDL cholesterol is one biomarker of cardiovascular disease risk everybody can name, the next generation of heart healthy foods will address a broader range of risk factors from galectin-3,...

Extract boosts nutraceutical potential of baobab, supplier says

Baobab Foods, one of several US companies importing the African ingredient, is making a push into the nutraceutical space with a depectinized extract.

Special edition: Antioxidants and Carotenoids

Easy being green? Tea leads botanical antioxidant charge

Plants are antioxidant-generating machines and, commercially, the biggest return-generating plant extract is green tea. By quite some way if you speak to the biggest suppliers.

Desert Labs launches hoodia weight management gum

Hoodia gum maker defends satiety effect

The maker of a newly launched appetite suppressant gum claims to be the first to have self-affirmed GRAS status for hoodia in the US and hopes to overcome the negative...

Food Supplements Europe: A small industry needs to be united

Europe’s new multilateral food supplements group says there is no inherent conflict between its big player-small player membership as all share the same goal of amending scientific requirements under the...

Bitter melon may offer 'exciting' cancer promise

Bitter melon juice may prevent the development of pancreatic cancer by cutting off the fuel supply to cancerous cells, according to new data.

Eurozone blues? Not for young Irish ingredients player

Irish supplier Willows Ingredients has launched a UK-based European division to target smaller continental European markets and says the Eurozone economic problems are no barrier to growth.

Award-winning Swedish spinach extract eyeing EU health claim wins

Swedish firm Greenleaf Medical took the Best New Ingredient gong at the recent NutrAward presented at ExpoWest in Los Angeles for its weight management-focused, spinach extract Appethyl. Now it wants...

Should caffeine be regulated? Expert suggests stimulant should carry warning labels due to potential dangers

As the use of caffeine in foods and drinks continues to grow, so do the risks. And calls for tighter regulations on the substance are becoming louder.

Honey study

Manuka found to be pivotal in fight against MRSA

In what has been dubbed a “hugely important finding”, Australian researchers have found that medical-grade manuka honey can be used as a new weapon in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria,...

Study: 12% of adult Europeans consume energy drinks at ‘chronic’ levels

A 52,000 person survey has found 30% of adult Europeans consume energy drinks at least once a year, but 12% are “high chronic” users.

Cocoa may help diabetics regulate insulin, says study

Diets rich in cocoa may help people with diabetes to regulate insulin levels, according to new research.

See you in court? EC tells Poland it has two months to change food supplement laws

Poland is failing to recognise EU laws that promote free trade across member states when it comes to food supplements – and has been given two months to alter its...


‘Energy drinks’ hit EU hyperspace, but threaten final frontiers

Adomas Pranevicius, CEO of MyDrink Beverages, tells that a new breed of healthy ‘energy’ drinks face an uncertain EU future, given conflicting guidance as to how we actually define...

Central European food supplements market hit €1bn for first time

Food supplement markets in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia have pushed through the €1bn mark for the first time, with Romania starring with 24% growth in...

Raisio sells €7m oat, soy and rice business to Norwegian firm

Finnish ag-food giant Raisio has sold its €7m a year oat, soy and rice foods business that includes its Soygurt business to €330m Norwegian food company Kavli.

Dispatches from the 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

Mediterranean diet cuts heart disease risk by 30%: 'Landmark’ study provides compelling evidence that it’s the type, not the level of fat, that counts for cardio health

People following an energy unrestricted plant-based diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts can reduce their risk of a major cardiovascular event by 30% compared with people following a...

InterHealth: Lowat herbal formulation may help shed 9 pounds in 8 weeks

A novel herbal formulation called Lowat may increase levels of a satiety hormone by 17% and help consumers’ weight management efforts, says a new study.