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Flavanol rich chocolate could boost brain performance, say researchers

Regular consumption of high-flavanol chocolate, could help to promote brain performance by boosting the efficiency of certain brain functions, suggests new research supported by Barry Callebaut.

German group sues Unilever over sterol-cholesterol claims

European Union-approved plant sterol cholesterol-lowering foods made by Unilever have been dragged into German courts after a consumer group questioned their safety.

EU approval opens new doors for resveratrol

Fluxome has won novel foods approval to use its fermented resveratrol form in food supplements in the European Union’s 27 member states.

Black tea may offer blood pressure promise: Study

Daily consumption of black tea could help to reduce the risk of heart disease in the general population by subtly reducing blood pressure, according to research by Unilever and a...

UK begins DMAA crackdown

DMAA-containing Jack3D and products like it are unauthorised drugs and being stripped from UK retail shelves and online catalogues as part of a crackdown against sports supplements by the medicines...

Sterol and stanol players defend safety record after German review call

Sterol food players Unilever and Raisio are surprised Germany’s food agency has called for a safety review of the cholesterol-lowering ingredient when, they say, the job has already been performed...

Catechin-enriched green tea shows fat busting potential: RCT

Green tea enriched with catechins may reduce body fat levels, says a new study that supports the weight management potential of the beverage.

Soy industry blood boils after third cholesterol health claim rejection

The soy industry is reeling after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) rejected for the third time a soy-cholesterol reduction health claim submission – even as authorities in 10 countries...

UK Herbal Quality Campaign concerns are “bogus", says ANH

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has taken a swipe at the newly formed Herbal Quality Campaign (QHC) in the UK, labelling its concerns about herbal food supplements “bogus”.

Cocoa can be the new cranberry, says food marketing guru

Cocoa and its extracts have the potential to rival the success of cranberries as healthful powerhouses, especially if a recently applied for European Union health claim is approved this year,...

Health claims register enters European Parliament as veto calls rise

Paola Testori Coggi, the director general of the EC’s Health and Consumer Health Directorate (DG Sanco), yesterday presented a health claims register containing 222 approvals and about 2000 rejections to...

Herbal Quality Campaign will fire report to UK DoH by “week’s end”

The Herbal Quality Campaign (HQC), conceived to push the merits of registering botanicals as medicinal products under new European Union laws, has formally entered life with a Westminster ceremony last...

Naturex founder: “After Asia, acquisitions will be European and North American”

Rampant acquisitionist Naturex will make 3-4 European and North American acquisitions in 2012, once it completes a deal with an unnamed Asian supplier by the end of March, CEO, president...

Naturex eyes Asian acquisitions as 2011 sales jump 12%

With 2011 sales jumping 12.3%, the world’s biggest botanical extracts specialist says it will acquire 4-5 companies in 2012, with negotiations advancing with an Asian target.

13% of academics admit knowledge of data falsification: BMJ

Just days after the nutrition science world was rocked by allegations that a famed veteran resveratrol researcher fabricated data in 26 articles over seven years, a British Medical Journal survey...

Spanish regulator condemns sterol-cholesterol ads

The Spanish manufacturer of a plant sterol drink has been told to amend cholesterol-lowering claims for being too ambiguous in dosage and making unsubstantiated disease reduction claims.

Multi-biomarker approach demonstrates flavanol cardio benefits: Study

An eight-week study of monomeric and oligomeric flavanols (MOPs) employing a “multi-biomarker approach” in a healthy population of smokers has shown cardiovascular benefits.

Prune rejection provokes piqued UK MEP into prune eating rumpus

UK Liberal Democrat MEP, Sir Graham Watson, has challenged European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, to a prune eating contest in an adhoc, non-double blind, non-placebo controlled...

‘Water apple’ extract may provide dietary support for diabetes

Extracts of a Malaysian medicinal plant known locally as the ‘water jambu’ or ‘water apple’ could provide bioactive compounds that help to support people suffering from diabetes by reducing lowering...

Kemin wins safety certification for Belgian ingredients facility

Carotenoid player Kemin has gained a Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) that is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Cargill welcomes EU barley beta-glucan-cholesterol claim as innovation driver

Agrofood giant Cargill is alerting the world to look out for more food labels bearing its Barliv-branded barley beta-glucan in 2012 after winning a positive cholesterol-lowering opinion from the European...

Study: “Geranium oils do not contain DMAA-MHA”

Geranium oils do not contain the stimulant DMAA-MHA, according to new research that once again questions the study often cited by pre-workout and weight loss supplements claiming it does.

DMAA flares at heart of English rugby scandal

The controversial stimulant, DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine) has reared its increasingly ugly head again, this time in the UK, where use of DMAA-containing supplements have provoked bans for several professional rugby players.

Disgraced resveratrol researcher: “Uni of Connecticut launched a conspiracy programme against Indians”

Dr Dipak K Das, PhD, the once lauded and now infamous resveratrol researcher accused by his longtime employer the University of Connecticut of fabricating data over seven years in more...

Research veteran on shamed resveratrol academic: “Once or twice maybe. 26 times? That takes a special mind.”

The resveratrol and broader nutrition science community continues to reel from last week’s revelations that Dipak K Das, PhD, “one of the world’s great red wine and resveratrol researchers” allegedly...

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