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Plant extract blend offers potent antioxidant activity: Study

A blend of 20 plant-based ingredients may boost antioxidant defenses and combat oxidative stress, according to results of a small study.

Academics slam 'medicine-based' EU health claims system

A group of 13 academics has slammed the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) for its ‘evidence based medicinal’ approach that rules out what they view as perfectly valid...

Coffee lowers depression risk in women up to 20%: 10-year study

The risk of depression lowers by up to 20% with increased caffeinated coffee consumption, a study of more than 50,000 US women has found.

UK watchdog rules against acai ageing, energy, weight ads

UK start-up Cleanse & has been rapped by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for making claims its supplements, “could reverse ageing, improve energy, or manage weight” along with...

EC expects "smooth adoption" of article 13 health claims list in Q1 2012

The European Commission’s directorate for health and consumer affairs, DG Sanco, has said it is close to finalising the 2758 claim-strong list of generic claims for publication in the European...

Beneo ends two-year prebiotic price freeze

Leading prebiotic supplier Beneo-Orafti has pushed up prices for its inulin and oligofructose prebiotic fibres by 8%, citing rising input costs in its first price increase in two years.

‘Robust systems’ needed to monitor botanical substitutes, says Prof

Industry needs to be more careful in monitoring that they are using the right botanical ingredients, and not substitutes or adulterants, in foods and nutritional supplements, says Professor Monique Simmonds.

Systematic review: Chocolate can reduce heart disease risk by a third

A Cambridge University-led systematic review published today in the British Medical Journal has concluded that polyphenol-rich chocolate consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease by a third.

The Beauty From Within Conference is back with a packed programme!

The second Beauty From Within conference will open its doors in Paris on October 27th and here we draw attention to some of the main highlights and how you can...

UK watchdog censors alkaline diet cancer claims

Claims that an ‘alkaline diet’ based around consumption of vegetable and grain powdered beverages could benefit cancer sufferers and diabetics have been rapped by the UK advertising watchdog.

British botanical group welcomes “new era” in herbal products in Europe

The British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) says the recently implemented European Union Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) is good for the botanical industry, although others have criticised it for...

Saffron extract shows anti-cancer potential

Saffron may provide a significant protective effect against liver cancer, according to new research in animal models.

Coriander oil may protect against harmful bacteria: Study

The use of coriander oil in foods could prevent bacterial spoilage and food-borne illnesses, according to new research.

South African supplement makers urged to adopt GMPs

South African complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) including herbal products and food supplements are blighted by inconsistent manufacturing processes that are damaging the sector, a leading manufacturer has said.

New research collaboration for novel seaweed applications

The use of certain seaweeds in commercially viable food products could be a step closer thanks to a research collaboration with a top Australian university and Australian Kelp products, a...

UK warns against sibutramine-laced herbal products

The UK medicines regulator has issued a warning about certain herbal products it has found to be laced with the banned substance sibutramine.

Good supply chain is just as important as identification of botanical ingredients

As demand for natural foods grows, industry has begun to look to exotic plants as a source of alternative, natural, ingredients. But how can we identify and source the right...

Save the date set for the second Beauty From Within Conference!

The second annual Beauty From Within Conference will open its doors again at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris on October 27th, focusing in on the latest opportunities, trends and challenges...

Frutarom profits dip as raw material costs rise

Israel-based flavours, botanicals and speciality ingredients player Frutarom has reported lower profits in Q2, with raw material hikes cited as the principal cause.

ANH: EC gave us the “cold shoulder” over EU herb law concerns

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) says the European Commission (EC) has failed to engage its concerns about the disproportionate effects of EU herbal medicine laws in a letter issued...

UK tabloid labels functional foods a ‘gimmick’

Leading right-wing UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail found room in its pages today to slam more than just London’s looters with functional foods also taking a beating for delivering...

“Shoddy” herbal safety study slammed for bias

A study that found 75% of herbal products on sale in the UK were not adequately labelled with safety information has been criticised for mischaracterising the majority of products it...

Nutrient boosted liquid mushrooms set for Russian debut

Swiss start-up Bio-Ur is set to launch a “liquid mushroom” it says employs a patented method to boost liquidity and nutrient levels.

EHPM: MEP health claim support is “encouraging”

A Brussels-based pan-European trade group says it is encouraged by interactions with MEPs who are set to play an active role in scrutinising and potentially modifying controversial European Union...

Study questions herbal safety messaging for 75% of products

A UK study has found 75% of a sample of marquee herbal products in the UK do not contain safety information about documented side-effects – at least before May’s introduction...