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Caffeine slows growth of ‘children’s plastic brains’: Rat study

Adolescent Sprague Dawley rats fed caffeine had retarded brain development and disturbed sleep patterns, researchers have found.

Grape seed given hypertension thumbs up: Unpublished data

Researchers say that Indena’s new grape seed procyanidins (GSP) product – now only using water as extraction solvent – is effective in blood pressure management when coupled with lifestyle factors.

Spanish and Poles team on olive oil and omega-3 project

Southern and central European firms Genosa and Europharma Alliance are blending their respective omega-3 and olive oil extract knowledge in heart health food supplements.

'Cobiotic' delivers dramatic decrease in fasting blood glucose and 'virtually eliminates' diarrhea caused by Metformin in type 2 diabetic: Case study

A new-onset type 2 diabetic who developed diarrhea after being prescribed the drug Metformin resumed regular bowel movements, lost weight and experienced a dramatic reduction in fasting blood sugar after...

'Compelling data': RCT shows blueberry flavonoids boost endothelial function and heart health

Flavonoids from blueberries may improve vascular function in healthy men, according to findings of two randomized, controlled, double-blind, crossover human-intervention trials from Europe.

Finland warns against synephrine and caffeine combo fat burners

Fat burning food supplements containing a combination of caffeine and synephrine are dangerous, according to Finnish authorities which have called for their removal from shelves.

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Does Callebaut's EU flavanol claim add health bite or bark to dark choc's image?

Barry Callebaut's R&D department talks to ConfectioneryNews after winning a blood flow health claim for cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate and cocoa beverages.

'Sustainability is not optional' says Naturex

A comprehensive new sustainability program from French ingredients giant Naturex plans to cover every aspect of its activities, says the firm.

Energy… minus the caffeine? PepsiCo explores Chinese herbal extracts for fatigue relief, patent application reveals

PepsiCo is exploring the potential of natural energy drinks containing Chinese herbal extracts that can alleviate fatigue and enhance sports performance without a big dose of caffeine, a patent application...

Citrus extract shows weight management potential: Study

A blend of extracts from red orange, grapefruit, sweet orange, and guarana can reduce abdominal fat, waist and hip circumference, French researchers have found.

Ceylon cinnamon making weight loss progress for French start-up

French start-up supplier Dialpha Laboratories is gaining success with Ceylon cinnamon extracts promoting weight loss after just a few months on the market.

Sesame seeds can aid pre-diabetic blood glucose levels: Study

A herbal blend based on sesame seed lignan extracts can help reduce blood glucose levels among a growing proportion of the population classed as pre-diabetic, according to Indian researchers.

€200m Singapore herb maker defends TCMs amid Chinese contamination busts

The world’s biggest manufacturer of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs) outside of China has defended the quality of the sector as contaminated products continue to raise red flags with regulators in...

Smoking gun: The banning and unbanning of a (dangerous?) fat burner

We scan the evolving regulatory saga involving the fat burning supplement, Dexaprine.


Piracy blights fragile global botanicals sector

The global botanical medicines and supplements sector is a fragile one, and one whose fragility is being amplified by a small number of – let’s not beat about the sea...

UPDATE: UK reinstates reformulated Dexaprine after ban

The UK medicines regulator has reinstated fat burning supplement, Dexaprine, after learning the Californian manufacturer had developed a special formulation for the UK market with medicinal ingredients removed.

Vivid dreams for Matcha: ‘World’s most powerful green tea’

Vivid Drinks says it see massive potential in matcha as a standalone green tea category following massive industry interest in the UK’s first RTD beverage launch in this category

EU sports nutrition industry welcomes Californian ‘cowboy’ fat burner ban

The European sports nutrition sector has backed Dutch and UK bans of a fat burning product called Dexaprine, and welcomed actions against “cowboy operators”.

UK busts more contaminated Chinese herbal medicines; ‘We are fed up’ says industry

The UK has issued yet another contamination warning against Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs) claiming to treat conditions like menstrual pain and hair loss – leaving the local industry exasperated at...

UK joins Dutch in banning Dexaprine fat burner; FSA issues DNP warning

The UK’s medicines agency has followed its Dutch counterpart in banning the fat burner Dexaprine made by Californian firm iForce Nutrition.

Dutch ban Dexaprine fat burner after hospitalisations

Dutch authorities have issued a warning against a US fat burning food supplement called Dexaprine after 11 adverse reactions including hospitalisations and severe heart problems.

Interview: Prof Suhaila Mohamed, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Malaysia’s herbal leadership the result of government support

Government financing and promotion of herbal ingredients research has helped Malaysia to become one of the world leaders in the field, according to one of the country’s pre-eminent researchers.

EU slaps plant sterol-stanol products with warning from 2014

Cholesterol-busting plant sterol and stanol products – worth about €2.5bn globally – will have to carry warning labels in the European Union from next February.

Little seeds, big deeds: Chia's bright bread future

Adding chia seeds to bread recipes significantly increases final product levels of proteins, lipids, ash and dietary fiber, and consumers like it too, according to research.

European fermented resveratrol wins Japanese supplement pre-approval; sights 2014 launch

Fermented resveratrol from Swiss biotech firm Evolva has won Japanese pre-approval in foods and food supplements – but the company says it won’t be jumping straight into the market.

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