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Tasteless green tea extract could open beverage NPD doors

Taiyo has developed a taste-free green tea extract for use in beverage applications which it claims will expand new product development possibilities for beverage manufacturers.

Red wine compound can battle obesity: Study

A resveratrol-like compound found in red wine and fruits could have potential for fighting obesity by blocking fat uptake, according to new research.

Natural antioxidants could stabilise flaxseed omega-3 encapsulations

Natural polyphenols could be the final part of a solution to bring stability to omega-3 rich flax oils, say researchers.

Soy industry appeals to EC over EFSA cholesterol rejection

The soy industry has written to the European Commission highlighting what it sees as serious failings in EFSA’s assessment of its rejected soy protein-cholesterol claim.

Green tea extract specialist defends 1m+ ORAC measures

South African herbal extracts specialist Green Cell Technologies (GCT) has defended the antioxidant measures that showed its green and rooibos tea extracts could deliver ORAC values of around 1,700,000 per 100g.

BioBind banned from making slimming claims in UK

UK firm Direct Healthcare has been rapped by the advertising watchdog over slimming claims for itsBioBIND product that contained cactus extract, chitosan and psyllium husk.

Tea good to be true? The 1,000,000+ ORAC extract

A South African company claims to have produced the world’s first one million+ ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value plant extracts.

39 complaints. 0 actions: UK health claims enforcement is a “mockery”, study finds

The UK’s 220 Trading Standards (TS) agencies are failing to take action against products making ‘spurious’ health claims, a local charity has found after testing the system.

Companies avoid herbal medicine laws; but there is another way...

A number of companies in the UK are flouting the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) in the belief that the risks of being reprimanded by regulators are outweighed...

MHRA: DMAA source is not important

The UK medicines regulator says the plant or synthetic origin of DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine or methylhexaneamine) is irrelevant as its investigations into the disputed sports and weight loss supplement stimulant deepen.

Herbals need better regulation to overcome quality control challenges, say researchers

Implementing better growing and manufacturing processes along with increasing the use of modern analytical techniques and greater international regulation would ‘undoubtedly’ reduce the issues surrounding the quality of herbal extracts,...

Swedish firm builds thykaloid weight loss data for EFSA ahead of 2013 launch

Stockholm-based biotech firm Green Leaf Medical is building clinical data to back the appetite-reducing properties of thylakoids in advance of a health claim submission being readied for European Union authorities.

South African immunity herb winning new community

A South African botanical extract from a plant from the same family as the geranium but with immunity rather than stimulatory indications, is gaining interest as a natural antiobiotic and...

Red yeast rice fortified beverage shows cholesterol busting potential

A beverage containing red yeast rice may reduce LDL cholesterol levels by 18%, and offer a blood lipid lowering alternative for people intolerant to statins, says a new study.

UK turns the screw on ‘unlicensed medicines’

Supplement products bearing ingredients like milk thistle, DMAA, valerian, hoodia, porcine thyroid glandular, melatonin and horny goat weed are being targeted by the UK medicines regulator as potential ‘unlicensed medicines’,...


Coming clean: Will the real DMAA please stand up?

USP Labs and other manufacturers and retailers that trade in products that contain the pre-workout stimulant DMAA are feeling the heat at the moment as scrutiny around the source and...

Company lauds potential of chia seeds in Europe following positive novel foods opinion

Chia has the potential to become the bestselling health food ingredient in Europe, according to the company looking to secure extended EU novel foods approval for the seed considered a...

Flavanol rich chocolate could boost brain performance, say researchers

Regular consumption of high-flavanol chocolate, could help to promote brain performance by boosting the efficiency of certain brain functions, suggests new research supported by Barry Callebaut.

German group sues Unilever over sterol-cholesterol claims

European Union-approved plant sterol cholesterol-lowering foods made by Unilever have been dragged into German courts after a consumer group questioned their safety.

EU approval opens new doors for resveratrol

Fluxome has won novel foods approval to use its fermented resveratrol form in food supplements in the European Union’s 27 member states.

Black tea may offer blood pressure promise: Study

Daily consumption of black tea could help to reduce the risk of heart disease in the general population by subtly reducing blood pressure, according to research by Unilever and a...

UK begins DMAA crackdown

DMAA-containing Jack3D and products like it are unauthorised drugs and being stripped from UK retail shelves and online catalogues as part of a crackdown against sports supplements by the medicines...

Sterol and stanol players defend safety record after German review call

Sterol food players Unilever and Raisio are surprised Germany’s food agency has called for a safety review of the cholesterol-lowering ingredient when, they say, the job has already been performed...

Catechin-enriched green tea shows fat busting potential: RCT

Green tea enriched with catechins may reduce body fat levels, says a new study that supports the weight management potential of the beverage.

Soy industry blood boils after third cholesterol health claim rejection

The soy industry is reeling after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) rejected for the third time a soy-cholesterol reduction health claim submission – even as authorities in 10 countries...

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