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UK retail giant Tesco closes NutriCentre business

British multinational retailer Tesco will close its loss-making NutriCentre business 15 years after acquiring the nutrition specialist.

EFSA budget plateaus despite growing workload

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has announced plateauing budgets for the next three years and staffing reductions of 10% running up to 2018 – despite its increasing responsibilities.


Hunger under siege: How UNICEF is tackling malnutrition in Syria

Political neutrality, besieged communities and an escalating amount of mouths to feed. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has a lot to contend with if it is to reach the...

Made FOR China: Probiotic firm takes up UK export challenge

Welsh probiotic company Cultech will use a free-trade deal to tap into the Chinese market, export ambitions that fall instep with the UK government’s plans to switch from ‘Made in...

Nano rerun: EFSA examines silver hydrosol in food supplements

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will reopen safety evaluations of the nano-nutrient silver hydrosol eight years after the document first landed on its desk.  

Special edition: Protein perspectives

No fish left behind: EU discard policy floats interest in novel protein sources

EU policy on fishing waste has helped incentivise efforts to turn discarded species into novel sources of protein and other nutraceutical ingredients.

Tereos Syral challenges health claim rejection: Our study was not ‘considered adequately’ by EFSA

Tereos Syral has used the 30-day window to challenge the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) rejection of its ‘normal defecation’ health claim.

Made in Africa: €12m investment boosts Kenyan supplement production

Kenyan producer of fortified peanut butter supplements Insta Products (EPZ) has banked $13.8m (€12.24m) in funding, which it hopes will help alleviate Africa’s reliance on imported solutions to acute malnutrition....

Dextro Energy complaint thrown out

EU court backs Commission ban of five glucose health claims

The European General Court has upheld a European Commission ban on Dextro Energy’s five glucose health claims – concluding a four-year squabble between the two.  

EU healthy eating funding discriminates against plant proteins: ENSA

The EU is discriminating against soy and plant-based proteins that are nutritionally similar – or even healthier – than the sugary dairy products it has pledged to subsidise, says the...

Health halos and binge drinking: Irish agency concerned over booming energy drink sector

The Irish public health body Safefood has called for more research on energy drinks and binge drinking in Ireland as well as health halos created by sports event sponsorship. ...

"Life in the twilight zone is a huge potential source of fishmeal and omega-3 to feed the world's population."

‘No man’s water’: Deep sea holds huge untapped resources, but beware the gold rush

There are huge untapped resources of protein and omega-3 in the deep sea, but international researchers have warned against an unregulated ‘gold rush’ that could upset the ecosystem of this so-called twilight...

French supplement player buys Swiss probiotics firm

France-based PiLeJe Group has paid an undisclosed sum for 30-year-old Swiss probiotics company Phytolis – its fourth European probiotic purchase in recent years.

FARE: "It is just shockingly absurd!"

EU court answers the ‘burning question’: Yes, the claims regulation can be applied to B2B

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) says the nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) could be applied to “commercial communications” intended for professionals but with the goal of indirectly reaching consumers....

Swedes form probiotic partnership on 2 (+2) strains

Swedish probiotic leader Probi has licensed two strains from fellow Swedish firm Probac with dairy and functional food applications in mind.

UK should launch ‘3-a-day’ dairy program: report

A new report published by the UK Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) was launched in London Wednesday at the Houses of Parliament.

Sport shake recalled for 165 x labelled selenium

UK and Irish authorities have warned against USN’s Ultralean nutrition shake, a batch of which contained 165 times the amount of selenium labelled.

The future of biofortification: Democratic, patent free and multidisciplinary

The biofortification movement has succeeded in bringing the nutrition and agriculture communities under one roof – but there is more to be done to democratise the results of these efforts,...

Could a novel UV technology help battle vitamin D deficiency?

With the spotlight on vitamin D in many European countries, one company says its recently approved novel UV milk treatment could be a way to tackle deficiency. 


What if... the EU banned energy drink sales to under 18s

An EU-wide ban on selling energy drinks to under 18s would see volume sales fall by over 70 million litres, if the impact of similar legislation in Lithuania is anything...

Malnutrition is a neglected issue in elderly care: UK report

Only half of UK health professionals think malnutrition is a priority in their organisations, a survey commissioned by charity Age UK has found.

Nestlé has spent $1m+ to help develop the novel deficiency test

Nestlé-funded research illuminates iron deficiency with new test

Researchers hope a portable light test used on the lip will be an affordable and needle-free way to tackle iron deficiency in developing countries.

Overcoming the taboo of vaginal health – the next frontier of probiotics

A paradigm shift is needed to force delicate women’s health issues like vaginal infections and discharge out into the open, says industry microbiologist.

Competitive boasting lands supplement player in heat

Be careful what you say about your competitors, it could be considered a health claim, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told supplement retailer Genr8online.

'The man is suspected of supplying this highly toxic chemical misused as a fat burning supplement and the cause of a number of recent deaths'

UK man arrested on suspicion of supplying deadly DNP

A man has been arrested on suspicion of supplying the toxic fat burner DNP as part of an investigation sparked by the death of a 21-year-old woman in the UK...

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