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Dispatches from FIE 2011

VP on Bio Serae and CNI merger: “It was difficult for the customer to understand who we were”

When French firm Iranex announced in November that it was merging Bio Serae Laboratoires and Colloides Naturels International (CNI) to form Nexira (an anagram of Iranex), some wondered about the...

EFSA health claim opinions

EFSA rejects glucosamine, coffee, diacylglycerol (DAG) oil health claims

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has sent an ominous warning that recently-submitted health claim dossiers will fare any better than those that have gone before, with three fresh article...

222 health claim winners set for EU law books…and 2000 losers

Five years after the controversial European Union nutrition and health regulation (NHCR) was enacted, an article 13 general function health claims register of about 2200 claims has been OK’d by...

Dispatches from FIE 2011

Beneo: “We need to have a new future now”

Today the European Commission meets to decide whether or not to send the controversial European Union health claims register to the European Parliament – now is no time to abort...

Dispatches from FIE 2011

Cranberry claim winner tells Ocean Spray: “Stay in your bogs”

Last week global cranberry leader, Ocean Spray, announced it was working on settling the long-running and divisive debate about how best to measure the berry’s active constituents – but the...

Food firms look to sensory claims

Frustrated food and drink manufacturers are considering sensory claims in preference to health claims; few of which have been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Dispatches from FIE 2011

Oat beta glucan makes claims on European cholesterol market

The European Union cholesterol-lowering market has a new player after an oat beta glucan's claim was written in to European law books this month.

Safer Herbal Medicines Campaign: “We did not enlist academics”

The six-week-old, UK-based Safer Herbal Medicines Campaign (SHMC) denies encouraging herbal academics to write to members of parliament and policy makers urging a botanical food supplement crackdown, as a debate...

Pressure mounts on MEPs to block EU article 13 health claims register

Food and supplement industry groups across the European Union are ratcheting up pressure on EU parliamentarians to block the passage into law of a health claims register that is likely...

EU ombudsman agrees to investigate EHPM health claim concerns but change unlikely, say lawyers

The European Union ombudsman will investigate article 13.1, health claim assessment methodology concerns held by European supplements group, EHPM, although any verdict is unlikely before those claims are due to...

Chr Hansen targets fresh juice with pellet probiotic that can live 10 weeks

Danish probiotics giant Chr Hansen today launched probiotic pellets into a “big gap” in the global juice market for long-life probiotics, with carton maker, TetraPak onboard to deliver the technology.

EC de-authorises vitamin and muscle claims in final article 13, draft regulation

The European Commission has drafted the regulation that will bring into European law the final list of approved, article 13, general function health claims – with a specific reference to...

Centrifugal evaporator can help back functional food claims

UK solvent extraction specialist, Genevac, is touting centrifugal evaporators as a means to accurately determine constituent parts of functional foods, especially those seeking to make health claims.

EFSA refutes bias claims; claims chief had no input into Kraft opinion

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has refuted allegations some of its health claim opinions are biased due to panel member conflicts of interest (COI), including a role with Kraft...

Guest article

Could conditions of use condemn health claim victories?

In recent months the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has come under increasing pressure to moderate its scientific approach to the assessment of health claims from parts of the industry...

Bottled water industry: EFSA hydration claim rejection won't affect us

The European bottled water industry says its marketing is unaffected by the writing into European Union law this week of a rejected health claim linking water consumption and dehydration.

Special edition: Vitamins

Vitamin health halo set for brighter global glow as claim power grows

The first part of this vitamins special edition looks at how increasing government support and ‘industry standard’ fortification programmes, coupled with favourable regulatory shifts, is benefitting the sector.

Neptune secures US patent for krill cardio health benefits

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources has bolstered its intellectual property portfolio further after securing a new US patent (No. 8,057,825) awarding it the exclusive use of krill extracts in the US...

Health claim poll results: There is hope!

The NutraIngredients health claims poll has revealed an industry still hopeful that EFSA’s 80% claim rejection rate can be modified by the European Commission and member states before claims become...

Glucans win while Danone and soy industry loses in EU health claims raffle

Food, drink and supplement makers across the European Union’s 27-member states are free to make cholesterol-lowering health claims after an oat beta-glucan health claim passed into EU law books yesterday....

Medical food marketers can reduce consumer confusion

Medical food marketers need to address the fact many consumers are confused about the ‘food as medicine’ concept, especially as the influence of health care professionals is dwindling.

Pronova has blockbuster hopes for high-dose omega-3 supplements

Pronova BioPharma, the high-dose omega-3 supplier of pharma blockbuster drug Omacor/Lovaza, is moving into the food supplements space with patent expiration looming.

EFSA calls for characterisation work as probiotic resubmissions loom

EFSA has approached an expert who has already worked with its health claims panel to make a report on the characterisation of probiotic strains – an issue that led to...

French food agency casts CLA safety data as “ambiguous” (in animals)

CLA consumption may raise cholesterol and insulin levels, the French food agency has found after assessing recent in vitro and animal studies.

Poll: Can EFSA health claim opinions be modified before they become EU law?

After several years the serious end of the nutrition and health claim regulation is approaching, with the imminent publication of thousands of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claim opinions...

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