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Ireland: Even terms like ‘live cultures’ are implied (& banned) EU probiotic health claims

Irish authorities have clarified the country’s position in regard to probiotic health claims, taking a literal reading of the EU position that the term ‘probiotic’ alone is an implied health...

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Getting on with it: How a big US supplements maker adapts to major EU law changes

US-based foods and supplements manufacturer, Now International, hasn’t sat on its hands since the EU’s new health claim laws kicked into play in 2008 – taking pre-emptive action to keep...

Clinical trial tips to win an EFSA health claim

Atlantia Food Contract Research Organisation has identified methods of best practices to help food and supplements makers conduct human intervention studies that will help them win a European Food Safety...

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EFSA sets standard for study rigor, consultant says

Differing regulatory environments can play havoc with a company's research plans, say consultant Joerg Gruenwald, PhD.  But recent, sometimes bitter, experience with the European Food Safety Authority has shed some...

The ‘health halo’ effect: Nutrition claims may lead to bigger portions

People tend to choose larger portions of foods when they are marketed as ‘healthy’, suggests new research led by a team from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Health groups urge action on nutrient profiling

A group of European health organisations has urged European Commission president José Manuel Barroso to issue a proposal on nutrient profiling as part of a wider EU goal to reduce...

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Trend-spotter: The rise of slow-energy

There are two speeds when it comes to energy products: Slow and fast, says Mintel trend-spotting guru David Jago.

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Cranberry EU medical devices winner: ‘We will never focus on food supplements’

The Dutch start-up Medical Brands is finding success with cranberry products that have won UTI and vaginal treatment claims via the EU medical devices directive.

Yakult ordered to pull Olympics-themed advert in UK over health claims breach

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has slapped a ban on the broadcast of a Yakult TV advert, ruling that the ad implied there was a health advantage to drinking...

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Cranberry veteran gathers forces against EU medical device products

With cranberry health claims rejected in the European Union, some players have ventured down the medical devices route where therapeutic claims are possible that would never succeed under the EU’s...

DSM launches dry powder tomato extract for food supplements

Dutch ingredients giant DSM is launching a dry powder form of its Fruitflow tomato extract which has an EFSA-approved health claim for improved blood circulation – attained in 2009.

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EU health claims evolution: A submission rethink

Now that the dust has settled on the health claims submission process we should all be very clear on the rules of engagement. Well kind of, says Nigel Baldwin, chief...

Most consumers don't know what EFSA is, experts find

Almost no German consumers know about the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), or understand the role it has in the approval of health claims for functional food products, according to...

Study suggests compatibility between organic and health claims

Organic food brands should not be afraid of using health claims to market their products, as a new study suggests the two concepts are not as incompatible as the industry...

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EU brain health opportunities in omega-3 and beyond

Brain health and memory emerged as a winner from the EU Article 13.1 health claims list as the link between nutrition and cognitive performance strengthens in the scientific literature.

Former EFSA boffin backs ‘traditional use’ for EU herbals

A former EFSA Scientific Committee chairman says the European Union’s stalled assessment of botanical extract claims, safety and use needs a multilateral rethink before any progress can be made.

‘Still failing to protect children’: New report slams UK advertising standards

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are still failing when it comes to protecting children from the online marketing of junk food, according to a new report from the Children’s...

‘Our goal is global pussyfication’: Branson-backed energy drink earns ASA rap

The UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has upheld 156 consumer complaints relating to an energy drink called ‘Pussy Natural Energy’, but the brand insists protestors simply twisted the meaning of...

Convenience and indulgence the secret to pacesetting confectionery sales

Launches from Hershey, Mondelez and Nestlé were among the top 100 bestselling new food and drink items in 2012 having filled consumer needs for convenience, indulgence and functionality, according to...

Could the WTO overturn EU health claim laws?

Aggrieved companies and  trade groups have already mounted legal actions against the EU’s strict health claim laws – they are in process – but the regulation’s workings could face fresh...

Belgium, France and Italy unite on positive botanicals list

Belgian, French and Italian authorities have agreed a preliminary list of botanical substances for use in foods and supplements, after a meeting in Rome yesterday.


The hunt for that ‘added extra’: Pushing beyond a health claim

The health-conscious yet frugal consumer is increasingly difficult to convince, even when presented with a plethora of health and nutrition claims on pack. So, just how can manufacturers prompt that...


How are market-leading kids’ cereal firms tackling health claims?

Use of health and nutrition claims on kids' cereal is widespread, but manufacturers are using them with caution and the majority favor nutrient content claims.


EFSA health claims to spark ‘nutrition dark age’, says attorney

Europe is set to sink into a progressive nutrition dark age under the heavy hand of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regime, says a leading food law attorney.


Omega-3 bread: Health claims, sources and dosage gives a snapshot of the omega-3 bread market and unearths the best source of omega-3, the claims bakers can make on products and how much you need to have...

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