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Honey slapped for slow-release energy claims; but what about Nutella?

Rowse Honey cannot claim it gives “slow release energy” following a UK advertising watchdog ruling that has disappointed the Oxfordshire firm and left it wondering how spread rival Nutella can make similar...

ANH: "EC must face the music for separating botanicals and probiotics"

An article in ‘Nature’ magazine welcoming tough EU health claim laws has highlighted the conundrum facing EU regulators if the Union is to adopt different claim-substantiation criteria for about 2000...

Callebaut cocoa health claim gets EC 'elasticity' makeover

Barry Callebaut’s Article 13.5 blood flow health claim on cocoa flavanols has been simplified by the European Commission.

The year ahead: 2013 European nutra futures

The economic crisis has hit the EU hard, and coupled with a severe health and nutrition claim clamp down, the past years have been challenging for the European nutra industry.

UK government emphasises flexibility in health claim wording

The UK Department of Health (DoH) has issued health claims guidance that makes it clear official European Union  wordings are flexible but warns companies not to go too far. predictions for 2013: part two

Rockin’ riffs that could drive the drinks biosphere in 2013: Part 2

Tune in to the second part of’s beverage industry predictions for 2013, from interactive packaging going pop to energy drinks feeling the heat in the mosh pit.

EU medical devices route tempts article 13 health claim losers

European Union medicines agencies are reporting increasing numbers of ‘medical device’ applications for food supplement products rejected under strict EU health claim laws.

Sweet Outlook 2013: Part Two

Healthy chocolate and the future for commodities

Chocolate will gain more traction as a health food in the coming year as cocoa grinds shift to Asia and the sugar deregulation debate rages on.’s 2013 predictions part...

Health claims issue in Australia and New Zealand nears final chapter

Parties on both sides of table have welcomed the recent decision by Australian and New Zealand ministers responsible for food regulation on the issue of health claims in the region.

PARNUTS changes backed in European Parliament

 Changes to European Union laws that govern specialised foods like sports, infant and gluten-free foods have been backed – as expected – by a European Parliament committee.

EFSA health claim opinions

Kuntze: EFSA rejects green tea-guarana weight loss claims (and more)

Green tea extracts (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) and guarana do not promote weight loss, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found, amid a fresh batch of article 13.5 health claim...

EU health claims: FoodDrinkEurope welcomes “certainty and clarity”

The EU’s biggest food industry group – FoodDrinkEurope – has backed Friday’s enabling of the article 13 list of 222 approved and 1500+ rejected health claims in the European Union’s 27 member states.

It’s official! There are 222 general function approved health claims in the EU; 1500+ rejected

From today food and supplement products marketed in the EU’s 27 member states must comply with the article 13, permitted list of health claims or face prosecution for misleading marketing.

December 14 EU health claims deadline

Stakeholder vox pop: December 14 EU health claim deadline

With the December 14 enforcement of the EU's article 13 general function health claim list that includes 200+ approved claims and about 1500 rejections just two days away (after a...

Guest article

Solgar on EU health claims: “The last 6-12 months have not been much fun”

Food supplements multinational Solgar reveals the sweeping marketing and formulation changes provoked by Friday’s belated confirmation of a massive list of approved and non-approved claims under the 2006 European Union...

New EFSA health claims chief: “I prefer pedagogic behavior”; offers 2013 hope

As the formlisation of the main organ (article 13.1 list) of the nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) kicks in this week, Professor Ambroise Martin, the new chair of the...

Guest article

Eight winners: Are EU diabetes-metabolic syndrome health claims set to explode?

Eight ingredients have won EU health claims that can be used to back messaging around metabolic syndrome – although the take-up to date has been lacklustre, says Euromonitor analyst, Diana Cowland....

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December 14 EU health claims crack down: Are B2B comms affected?

December 14 brings the long awaited and widely disputed EU crack down on health claims. That means 222 general function claims are good to go, another 1500 or so prohibited....

Nutricia wins follow-on milk TV ad battle over ‘2x’ nutrient claims

Infant and medical food specialist Nutricia has had a UK TV campaign claiming toddlers needed twice the nutrients of adults backed by the watchdog there.

The shelling of PARNUTS

EU sports food group on PARNUTS: “We need resolution and closure"

A pan-European sports nutrition group that counts Volac, Carbery and Abbott Laboratories (EAS) as members says it is time the lengthy debate over European Union sports food regulation ended –...

Ajinomoto wins EU chilli extract approval

Japanese supplier Ajinomoto’s chilli extract has won European Union Novel Foods status at various levels in 22 foodstuffs including flavoured waters, meal replacements, baked goods and sugar-free gum.


Don’t take the fun out of advertising, just the fraud from food ads

“We make a lie, we invent want,” said Don Draper, the lead character in Mad Men, the hugely successful TV show about the ad industry in the Sixties.

Guest article

Provexis winner: EU health claims enforcement may dish rotten tomatoes

Steve Morrision was the COO at Provexis when the UK start-up won the EU‘s first ever article 13.5 health claim for its blood circulation-boosting tomato extract called Fruitflow in 2009....

Who can win an EU immunity claim? Yeast beta-glucan can?

German yeast specialist Leiber possesses the only immune health claim in the EU assessment system at the moment. But why should its beta-glucan yeast succeed when it has already failed...

Beneo thinktank produces ‘Tooth-friendly’ and fibre-boosting sweets

Belgian supplier Beneo’s dessert thinktank is showing off some product concepts using sugar-free, ‘tooth-friendly’ isomalt and an already launched oligofructose-stevia blends for functional fibre candy.