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UK rules against slimming gum TV ads, despite EFSA approvals

The UK advertising watchdog has ruled against a TV campaign for a slimming gum even though some of the claims appeared to have won European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approval.

Nutrition watchdog slams rugby sponsorship deal

The Infant Nutrition Council (INC) has expressed strong concern over the recent sponsorship deal between the Warriors rugby league club and Chinese-owned New Zealand infant formula company.

Arla launches “most sophisticated” recovery whey protein

The sports nutrition sector will appreciate a “finely chopped” whey that can deliver better recovery performance, says the ingredients arm of Danish dairy, Arla.

Skooshed: UK yoghurt rapped over multiple misleading claims

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has invoked new European Union health claim rejections due to come into force on December 14, in a ruling...

Second chance: Yeast beta-glucan player seeks immunity claim

German yeast specialist, Leiber, says a new dossier containing a refined study linking its yeast beta-glucan to immune system benefits, can turn around EFSA’s previous rejection in 2010.

Negative Cochrane cranberry review: Juice makers have themselves to blame

Inappropriate products and trial design caused the Cochrane Collaboration to alter its position about the urinary tract infection (UTI)-reducing benefits of cranberry juice, the owner of a French cranberry supplements...

Sanofi-Coke beauty drink JV offers no ‘phood’ signal: Analyst

Sanofi’s new beauty drink joint venture with Coca-Cola is unlikely to precipitate a more serious leap into functional or medical foods for the French pharma titan, an analyst has said....

Seven Seas to outsource manufacturing as volumes decline

Food supplements maker Seven Seas will outsource manufacturing for the first time after initiating moves to shut down its facility in Hull, northern England.

Special edition: Immune support

Immune sector in rude health despite regulator attacks

Foods, drinks, botanicals and other food supplements that boost the immune system have been one of the best performing functional sectors since, well, the birth of functional foods and supplements.

Guest article

EU immunity health claims: Reformulate or reposition to win growth

Europe’s new health claim laws are the strictest in the world, with only the most strongly backed nutrient-health associations permitted on-product and whole sectors enraged about stripped comms tools. But...

Merck and Chr Hansen jointly submit probiotic allergy health claim

German pharma giant Merck has teamed with probiotics ingredients player Chr Hansen in a bid to win the European Union’s first probiotic health claim.

Nexira buys Tournay as it drives expansion plans

French botanicals and ingredients supplier, Nexira, has made good its promise to expand its portfolio and operations by acquiring fellow French firm, Tournay Biotechnologies, for an undisclosed cash sum.

EFSA advisory forum: “European food safety has made resounding progress”

EFSA’s Advisory Forum (AF) has backed the agency’s work in a formal statement, with the head of one of the member agencies saying the statement was a reaction to waves...

Barley baking mix enables blood cholesterol health claim

Bread manufacturers can make health claims on blood cholesterol with a newly developed barley bakery pre-mix from DeutscheBack.

EFSA rejects lycopene-vitamin E-lutein-selenium skin claim

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected a claim linking a proprietary lycopene, vitamin E, lutein and selenium blend and protection from UV sun rays.

ECJ’s German health claim ruling opens door to rejected claims: Lawyer

A recent Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruling that rather non-specific claims like “aids digestion” are admissible under the nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) could open the way...

Italian supplements group sues EU over health claims

Italian food supplements trade group FederSalus has brought an action against the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) in European Union courts.

EFSA rejects two new 13.5 claims on ‘transit’ and ‘vaginal moisture’

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected two health claims dossiers for food supplements that claim to ‘improve transit’ and ‘reduction of vaginal dryness’.

Guest article

Marketing without health claims

Health claims are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to marketing health food products, says Alan Ruth, CEO of the Irish Health Trade Association, in this guest article.

ECJ alcohol ruling strengthens EU health claims position

The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) has given strength to EU health claim laws by backing health claims of “temporary or fleeting effects”.

Rejected prebiotic player: EFSA didn’t follow own guidelines; eyeing EU Ombudsman

UK start-up Clasado Limited says the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) failed to follow its own prebiotic guidelines in rejecting the firm’s gut health claims.

EFSA stands by snub on stanol-sterol cholesterol lowering extension

Europe’s health claims regulator says it stands by a previous rebuttal of industry suggestions that the approved time for plant stanols and sterols to achieve cholesterol lowering effects be shortened from...

Peering into Asia's health claim progression

In a freewheeling panel discussion during the second afternoon of the Vitafoods Asia nutraceuticals and supplements show, regulations in food and packaging claims came under the spotlight.

Go East: Inside Asia’s evolving health claims laws

The substantiation and transference into law of varying kinds of data backing food supplements, herbal products and other healthy foods remains a major hurdle in evolving Asian food regulations, an...

Nestlé hits back at cereal ad critics

Nestlé UK has responded to critics of its cereal advertising that are claiming it contravenes Advertising Standards Authority rules, claiming the ASA has given the campaign the thumbs up.