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Victory for Powerade in Jessica Ennis advertising standards scrap

The UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has rejected complaints against Coca-Cola brand Powerade which claimed the firm’s hydration claims – backed by UK Olympic athlete Jessica Ennis – were unjustified.

Cargill wins EU novel foods approval for omega-6 form ARA

Cargill is celebrating the European Union approval of a Mortierella alpine, algae fermented arachidonic acid (ARA)-rich oil, to be used in infant formula and formula for older children.

Top 10 nutrition trends include ‘naturality’, energy and joints

‘Naturality’, energy and muscle, bone and joint health will be among the top 10 food, nutrition and health trends for 2012, according to a report just published by New Nutrition Business.

MEPs back PARNUTS amendments to prompt EU baby milk law reforms

Pro-breast feeding advocates and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are throwing their support behind mooted amendments to the European Union PARNUTS Directive they believe can improve the safety, quality...

Health claims? Who needs ‘em? asks industry guru

2012 will bring the greatest changes ever seen to European Union healthy foods and supplements marketing as the long-awaited 2000+-strong health claims register becomes law – but does a rejected...

Disptaches from Microbiota 2011

IPA co-founder: EU probiotic approach is “dirty pool”

Jarrow Rogovin, never a man to mince his words, says it is high time the IPA and other trade groups stepped up to the plate to defend a sector that...

Yakult never presented the basic evidence for probiotic health claim, says consultant

Yakult failed to present the most basic evidence and sought a too-complicated immunity claim in the controversially rejected immunity health claim for its probiotic drinks, a UK consultant has said.

Exclusive interview

Beneo: Prebiotic health claim rejections have put prospects “on hold”

The second part of this exclusive interview sees Beneo executive board member, Yves Servotte, explaining the cooling but not crushing effect of EU prebiotic health claim rejections on its inulin-chicory...

Yakult: Health claim rejection doesn’t affect our claims

Japanese probiotics giant Yakult says the writing into law of its rejected EU health claim for upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) benefits won’t alter its core sell in European markets...

Exclusive interview

Beneo board: “Let us not forget that functional food responds to a clear demand of the consumer”

In the first part of this exclusive interview, Beneo Group executive board member, Yves Servotte, explains how European Union health claim rules have informed strategic thinking at one of Europe’s...

Dispatches from FIE 2011

Clinical trial design in the new EU health claims regime: “Now we have to work on the borderline”

How to demonstrate health benefits among healthy human beings? That is the challenge new European Union health claim laws have set contract research organisations (CROs) and others involved in trial...

Kalahari tribe throws weight at Unilever over hoodia rejection

South Africa’s San people say food giant Unilever was working off inaccurate research data when it decided to bin a €20m investment in hoodia gordonii, the Kalahari cactus the San...

Slovenian firm reaps rewards of “huge” health claims investment

Valens, the Slovenian ingredients and supplements manufacturer, is celebrating its barley beta-glucan, LDL cholesterol-lowering health claims victory, it says would not have been possible without a “huge investment”.

EFSA health claims guidance

Heavyweight comments inform EFSA antioxidant-heart health claim guidance

Input from Nestlé, Kellogg, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, DSM, Unilever, Cargill, Ocean Spray, Kraft, Danone, Health Canada, the University of Milan and 45 other parties has informed fresh EFSA guidance on antioxidant...

EFSA opens up on health claims (possibilities) in Berlin, says EHPM

Europe’s leading trade group for small to medium-sized healthy food and supplement purveyors has welcomed signals from EFSA that it is more open than ever to stakeholder input over health...

UK medicines agency commits to botanicals “crackdown”

Borderline botanical products making medicinal or therapeutic claims but not holding appropriate registrations under new European Union laws, are coming under increased scrutiny from the UK Medicines and Healthcare products...


Lobbyists, start your engines: Can a new health claims formula be won in the European Parliament?

Five years ago the European Union nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) became law. Around the bloc, hopeful EU healthy foods and supplements stakeholders submitted more than 44,000 health claim applications.

Taura targets Asian and US markets with fruit and veg inclusions

Taura Natural Ingredients, which was launching is URC Inclusions range at FIE in Paris last week, is aiming to enter both the US and Asian confectionery, snack, breakfast cereal and...

Dispatches from FIE 2011

VP on Bio Serae and CNI merger: “It was difficult for the customer to understand who we were”

When French firm Iranex announced in November that it was merging Bio Serae Laboratoires and Colloides Naturels International (CNI) to form Nexira (an anagram of Iranex), some wondered about the...

EFSA health claim opinions

EFSA rejects glucosamine, coffee, diacylglycerol (DAG) oil health claims

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has sent an ominous warning that recently-submitted health claim dossiers will fare any better than those that have gone before, with three fresh article...

222 health claim winners set for EU law books…and 2000 losers

Five years after the controversial European Union nutrition and health regulation (NHCR) was enacted, an article 13 general function health claims register of about 2200 claims has been OK’d by...

Dispatches from FIE 2011

Beneo: “We need to have a new future now”

Today the European Commission meets to decide whether or not to send the controversial European Union health claims register to the European Parliament – now is no time to abort...

Dispatches from FIE 2011

Cranberry claim winner tells Ocean Spray: “Stay in your bogs”

Last week global cranberry leader, Ocean Spray, announced it was working on settling the long-running and divisive debate about how best to measure the berry’s active constituents – but the...

Food firms look to sensory claims

Frustrated food and drink manufacturers are considering sensory claims in preference to health claims; few of which have been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Dispatches from FIE 2011

Oat beta glucan makes claims on European cholesterol market

The European Union cholesterol-lowering market has a new player after an oat beta glucan's claim was written in to European law books this month.

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