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Provexis winner: EU health claims enforcement may dish rotten tomatoes

Steve Morrision was the COO at Provexis when the UK start-up won the EU‘s first ever article 13.5 health claim for its blood circulation-boosting tomato extract called Fruitflow in 2009....

Who can win an EU immunity claim? Yeast beta-glucan can?

German yeast specialist Leiber possesses the only immune health claim in the EU assessment system at the moment. But why should its beta-glucan yeast succeed when it has already failed...

Beneo thinktank produces ‘Tooth-friendly’ and fibre-boosting sweets

Belgian supplier Beneo’s dessert thinktank is showing off some product concepts using sugar-free, ‘tooth-friendly’ isomalt and an already launched oligofructose-stevia blends for functional fibre candy.

New models hold promise for probiotic claim substantiation

Exposing healthy people to modified pathogens in a controlled clinical trial setting could be an exciting new way for industry to overcome the challenges of health claim substantiation, says Nizo...

Hot New Beverage Concepts for 2013: Episode Two

Adomas Pranevicius, CEO of MyDrink Beverages, gives readers the further lowdown on new non-alcoholic drinks concepts that could set the market alight in 2013.

Pfizer slammed for UK infant formula advertising code breach

SMA Nutrition manufacturer Pfizer has been scolded by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for breaching an advertising code relating to the promotion of infant formula products.

Vitamins: A Centenary of essential nutrients

Birthday gifts: Vitamins celebrate centenary with EU health claim wins

2012 is turning out to be a very good year for the vitamins sector. Aside from the feel good factor of the essential nutrients turning 100, vitamins have also won...

DuPont on EU probiotic health claim ban: “Mention specific strains”

Giant of probiotic supply, DuPont, is not afraid to admit its European business has been altered by the rejection of probiotic health claims under the EU nutrition and health claims...

PARNUTS update: Specialist foods reforms due for EU lawbooks

Revision of the laws governing specialist food products like sports foods, infant foods and gluten-free foods is set for a final vote in the European Parliament in December or January,...

EC-member states moving toward caffeine health claim consensus

A European Commission working group has found growing support to authorise five mental and physical caffeine-based health claims – as long as they contain strict conditions of use statements.

'Purity' trends, blends for claims and bioinformatics for business: Day 3 at HiE

Can bioinformatics help to add business value? Is industry innovation being put on hold for blending? And how is a shift towards ‘pure’ products affecting the market.The NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator team...

December 14, 2012: EU health claims doomsday? Er, not really…

For years, probiotics and other sections of the food industry have supposedly been dreading the implementation of despised EU health claims laws.

'Our probiotic science will lead to an EFSA health claims approval': DuPont VP of marketing

Recent studies using DuPont’s HOWARU strain combination, combined with a better understanding of ‘the rules of the game’, will lead to positive health claims in Europe, DuPont’s Scott Bush has...

Health claims, functional foods and healthy reduction: Reflecting on day one at HIE

Is there hope for probiotic health claims after all? What are the opportunities in functional foods? And how should companies appeal to consumers with reduced sugar and reduced salt products?...

EFSA health claim opinion

Rejected: EFSA tells Glanbia its whey “weight loss peptides” claim is “not characterised”

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected Irish dairy and ingredients giant Glanbia’s claim that its Prolibra whey-peptide ingredient can reduce body fat, failing the claim on characterisation grounds...

‘Probiotics’ term to go after December 14, 2012?

The probiotics sector is at different stages of readiness, and embracing different approaches, to EU health claim laws that appear to rule the very word ‘probiotic’ a non-authorised, implied health...

UK rules against slimming gum TV ads, despite EFSA approvals

The UK advertising watchdog has ruled against a TV campaign for a slimming gum even though some of the claims appeared to have won European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approval.

Nutrition watchdog slams rugby sponsorship deal

The Infant Nutrition Council (INC) has expressed strong concern over the recent sponsorship deal between the Warriors rugby league club and Chinese-owned New Zealand infant formula company.

Arla launches “most sophisticated” recovery whey protein

The sports nutrition sector will appreciate a “finely chopped” whey that can deliver better recovery performance, says the ingredients arm of Danish dairy, Arla.

Skooshed: UK yoghurt rapped over multiple misleading claims

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has invoked new European Union health claim rejections due to come into force on December 14, in a ruling...

Second chance: Yeast beta-glucan player seeks immunity claim

German yeast specialist, Leiber, says a new dossier containing a refined study linking its yeast beta-glucan to immune system benefits, can turn around EFSA’s previous rejection in 2010.

Negative Cochrane cranberry review: Juice makers have themselves to blame

Inappropriate products and trial design caused the Cochrane Collaboration to alter its position about the urinary tract infection (UTI)-reducing benefits of cranberry juice, the owner of a French cranberry supplements...

Sanofi-Coke beauty drink JV offers no ‘phood’ signal: Analyst

Sanofi’s new beauty drink joint venture with Coca-Cola is unlikely to precipitate a more serious leap into functional or medical foods for the French pharma titan, an analyst has said....

Seven Seas to outsource manufacturing as volumes decline

Food supplements maker Seven Seas will outsource manufacturing for the first time after initiating moves to shut down its facility in Hull, northern England.

Special edition: Immune support

Immune sector in rude health despite regulator attacks

Foods, drinks, botanicals and other food supplements that boost the immune system have been one of the best performing functional sectors since, well, the birth of functional foods and supplements.