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EFSA gut/immune health meeting

ERNA: EFSA must clarify ‘boundaries of immune normality’

The high rate of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) immune health health claim rejections is likely to continue unless parameters of a well-functioning immune system can be defined, according to...

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

Health claims: Is the idea of disease risk factors, itself diseased?

Differentiating between disease risk factors and disease reduction in the way that the 2006 nutrition and health claim regulation does is too arbitrary and needs revision, according to a German...

DSM submits vitamin D health claim for “falling”

DSM Nutritional Products has submitted an article 14 disease risk reduction health claim linking consumption of a proprietary blend of vitamin D2 and D3 and reduced risk of falling over...

How to build an article 13.5 dossier

The rejection of so many health claim submissions by the European Food Safety Authority is creating a major headache for the EU functional foods and food supplements industries, with many...

Yakult: EFSA must recognise cold symptoms

Japanese probiotics giant Yakult says its recent EFSA probiotic health claim rejection discounted peer-review validated respiratory tract health measures, and called on the European Commission to facilitate a discussion...

NHCR botanicals removal provides a longevity loophole?

The European Commission decision to remove around 2000 submissions for botanical extracts from the 2006 nutrition and health claims process will allow substances to remain on-market, and may provide a...


“EFSA was very constructive” says oat beta glucan health claim winner

CreaNutrition has praised European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) feedback it received over 2.5 years that helped the Swiss supplier achieve a positive article 14 health claim opinion linking oat beta-glucans...

EFSA health claim opinion

Danone: EFSA Actimel diarrhoea claim rejection is "incomprehensible"

Danone will contest the diarrhoea health claim rejection for its Actimel drinking yoghurt handed to it by the European Food Safety Authority this week.

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

NDA panelist offers restored immune system claims hope

Restoring a suppressed immune system to full-function could win a health claim, EFSA health claim panelist, Henk van Loveren said at last week’s gut/immune health meeting in Amsterdam.

How health claims could impact marketing ethics

The tough health claims environment in Europe could turn manufacturers towards more subtle – and maybe less ethical – marketing approaches, believes Henry Dixon of PR firm BDB.

Collagen beauty supplement advert is misleading, says ASA

Advertising for NeoCell’s collagen and vitamin C beauty supplement has been deemed misleading by the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) as it says the company cannot substantiate its claims....

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

Nutrition professor backs EFSA health claim methods

“I think this field needs more serious mainstream science and less legalistic reasoning.”

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

Danone tells EFSA: Health claims “learning experience” is too costly

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has repeatedly emphasised that the 2006 EU nutrition and health claims regulation is a learning experience for everyone involved – from its health claims...

A transatlantic view of regulations and health claims

Should the FDA work to be more like EFSA? Speaking at the NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference Andrew Shao said the two organisations are already very similar in the way...

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

CIAA calls for drug-like health claim pre-submission advice

The CIAA says EFSA’s immunity/gut health workshop has revealed the lack of clarity that remains in the European Union health claims process and called for pre-submission meetings between applicants and...

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

EFSA gut/immune function meeting leaves industry wanting more

Key members of the European pre- and probiotic industries left Amsterdam frustrated that the majority of their questions about immune and gut health claims remained unanswered after a meeting with...

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

NDA details the food-drug divide and its “impossible task”

“It’s a critical issue to figure out how to show the health benefits with foods without crossing the borderline into medicines,” European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) NDA health claims panel...

German court rejects use of negative EFSA cranberry opinions

Negative European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claim opinions cannot be used to block claims, a German court has determined.

NDA: EC gave inadequate guidance on health claims

The depressingly high rejection rate for ‘article 13.1’ health claims is hardly surprising given the nature of the submission process, according to one member of the expert panel tasked with...

Dispatches from HIE 2010

Whey industry in ‘excellent position’ despite EFSA rejections

Last month the European Food safety Authority (EFSA) rejected a range of whey-based, article 13.1 health claims, with only a muscle mass claim gaining approval. Problem? Not according to the...

UK to adopt case-by-case approach to online marketing crackdown

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will tackle potential online breaches of its new digital marketing code one case at a time, but industry has called for further guidance at...

EFSA dismisses Leiber beta-glucan immunity health claim appeal

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has stood by its article 13.5 rejection of a beta-glucan immuntiy health claim after responding to questions from the submitter - German company Leiber.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA issues first positive prebiotic opinion – or does it?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued its first positive health claim opinion for a prebiotic with a laxative effect – but it was not achieved via a typical...

EC to confirm infant and child omega-3 claims

A November European Commission standing committee meeting has said four omega-3 brain and vision claims will be confirmed at a meeting in Brussels on December 6, 2010.

Dispatches from HIE 2010

Cognis focuses on soft health claims for plant extracts

Cognis says it is following a “dual pillar” approach to product marketing that involves stressing market awareness of health benefits for some ingredients such as plant extracts, rather than investing...