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Nestlé invests €50m in 5-year probiotic licensing deal

Swedish probiotics player BioGaia is welcoming a 5-year, €50.8m extension to a licensing deal with Nestlé for use of its Lactobacillus reuteri probiotic strain in infant nutrition products.

Health claims veto campaign steps up as MEPs object to health claims list

Campaigning against the proposed health claims register for foods and food ingredients can now move to the next stage after Members of European Parliament by lodged an official objection to...

Dispatches from Probiotic Summit

EFSA is right to dismiss “overrated” peer-reviewed probiotic science: Consultant

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) should discount probiotic studies that have passed peer-review and been published in even the most prestigious nutrition science journals, because the peer-review process itself...

Soy industry blood boils after third cholesterol health claim rejection

The soy industry is reeling after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) rejected for the third time a soy-cholesterol reduction health claim submission – even as authorities in 10 countries...

Danone: Characterisation may be least concern for probiotic health claims

A Danone official has said the resolution of characterisation issues may not be enough to win positive opinions for a batch of probiotic health claims just resubmitted to the European...

New probiotic strains will win health claims (but not for 10-15 years): Prof

Advances in genomics and understanding the human gut microbiota will lead to the discovery of probiotic bacterial strains that will deliver biomarker-measured health benefits – but it may take 10-15...

UK Herbal Quality Campaign concerns are “bogus", says ANH

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has taken a swipe at the newly formed Herbal Quality Campaign (QHC) in the UK, labelling its concerns about herbal food supplements “bogus”.

Cocoa can be the new cranberry, says food marketing guru

Cocoa and its extracts have the potential to rival the success of cranberries as healthful powerhouses, especially if a recently applied for European Union health claim is approved this year,...

Potential lifeline for probiotic yogurt claims

Loopholes in the law may save probiotic yogurt manufacturers from having to remove products from sale when the new EU nutrition and health claims legislation comes into effect.

Report backs dairy to buck bad press, highlights ‘huge’ health opportunity

Recent research backs dairy products in their battle to overcome bad press in established markets, while they have 'huge' opportunities to carry health benefits into regions such as the US,...

UK ad watchdog dismisses complaint against Kellogg

The UK advertising watchdog has ruled in favour of breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s in relation to a complaint that a TV advert for a cereal was misleading in relation to...

EU project bets €10m on developing “optimal health” biomarkers to win health claims

The European Union, the Dutch government, academia and companies like Nestlé and DSM have united in two projects backed by €10m in an effort to develop “optimal health” biomarkers in...

Health claims register enters European Parliament as veto calls rise

Paola Testori Coggi, the director general of the EC’s Health and Consumer Health Directorate (DG Sanco), yesterday presented a health claims register containing 222 approvals and about 2000 rejections to...

Spanish regulator condemns sterol-cholesterol ads

The Spanish manufacturer of a plant sterol drink has been told to amend cholesterol-lowering claims for being too ambiguous in dosage and making unsubstantiated disease reduction claims.

Probi sales jump 17% in 2011 as supplements market shines

Swedish probiotics supplier Probi has turned in healthy annual figures with sales up 17% to SEK94.4m (€10.67m) in 2011 from SEK80.4 (€9.90m) in 2010.

Italy publishes probiotics guidelines

The Italian Ministry of Health has revised probiotic characterisation, labelling and claim guidelines that may open claim-making around the idea of microflora balance.

Prune rejection provokes piqued UK MEP into prune eating rumpus

UK Liberal Democrat MEP, Sir Graham Watson, has challenged European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, to a prune eating contest in an adhoc, non-double blind, non-placebo controlled...

Academics attempt to bridge probiotic science and marketing gap

“Currently, there is a gap between the point where the biomedical science ends (with the publication of a paper in a scientific journal) and the point where the business begins...

EFSA should review ’growing up’ milks before regulations change, says EU infant foods group

The European Union should put the brakes on any mooted changes to rules governing milks targeting 1-3 year olds until a scientific review can be conducted, according to the EU...

Dutch start-up secures funding for egg lutein and peptide R&D

Dutch firm Newtricious has won undisclosed funding from a local investment consortium that will advance its egg-focused R&D to drive products to shelves in, “two to three years”.

Chocolate giant submits cocoa flavanol-blood health claim to EFSA

Barry Callebaut has submitted an article 13.5 health claim dossier to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) linking cocoa flavanols and healthy blood flow.

Schwabe pulls back as herbal medicines quality campaign launches at Westminster

The UK Safer Herbal Medicines Campaign (SHMC) that was conceived last year as an industry initiative to push for greater enforcement of the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD),...

Olive oil extract space gains another player

Spanish firm Probeltebio has joined a growing list of players in the olive oil extract space that has been hot ever since olive extract polyphenols won a rare botanical antioxidant...

Coca-Cola in hot Vitaminwater over claims (again)

Vitaminwater, the enhanced water brand Coca-Cola acquired when it paid $4.2bn for New York-based Glaceau in 2007, has come under fire for its claim-making once again, this time in the UK.

Victory for Powerade in Jessica Ennis advertising standards scrap

The UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has rejected complaints against Coca-Cola brand Powerade which claimed the firm’s hydration claims – backed by UK Olympic athlete Jessica Ennis – were unjustified.