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New technologies and academic collaborations will drive evidence and market growth for probiotics

Greater collaboration from both within the industry, and between industry and academics, will help to drive forward promising scientific developments in probiotics, according to experts at Probiotech and Microbiota 2013.

Probiotech and Microbiota 2013

Law veteran on EU health claim laws: “There is something quite wrong here.”

One of the EU’s most venerated food law experts stated the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) has become so convoluted as to be unworkable, at a Brussels congress...

Live from Probiotech and Microbiota 2013

Ciao ciao? Italy’s rogue probiotic health claim stance may have limited shelf life

Italian food supplement manufacturers continue to make probiotic health claims under a “soft law” governmental decree, although the country’s stance could be challenged by EU organs, a lawyer said this...

Editor’s blog

Probiotics sector forced to swallow the EU’s bitter health claims pill

On a train to Brussels to cover NutraIngredients’ Probiotech and Microbiota two-day probiotic congress, had me wondering of the sector mood now it has had its claims ripped up by...

Live from Probiotech and Microbiota 2013

EU food marketing expert: Consumers don't understand probiotic health claims ban

Most consumers know little to nothing about the EU health claim system, the European Food Safety Authority nor why a blanket ban has been imposed on probiotic marketing across the...

Live from Probiotech and Microbiota 2013

The data jungle: Matching gene content to probiotic traits could offer industry fresh hope

The probiotic industry is fighting several big fights at the minute, not least in the battle to win the first EFSA approved health claim in the market. But are the...

EU probiotic and antioxidant health claim ban called “absurd”

EU health claim laws that have banned the use of terms like probiotics and antioxidants because they are deemed to be implied claims, are “absurd”, a pressure group has said.

Study: Yeast beta-glucan boosts cold-fighting potential 25%

Yeast beta-glucan increases the body’s ability to fight pathogens, and showed a 25% better record of cold-fighting compared to placebo in a new German study.

Exclusive interview

EC’s Mathioudakis: “You cannot build a sustainable food industry on misleading health claims”

With the European Union’s strict health food and supplement marketing laws in place, the European Commission’s food law unit head, Basil Mathioudakis, tells NutraIngredients why it’s generally working out fine…...

Euromonitor “shocked” by EU probiotic decline

After years and even decades of healthy to rampant growth in the European Union, the probiotics sector has entered decline, with a flat economy and health claim ban seen as...

Probi 2012 sales up 6%, but ProViva royalties set for dive

The European probiotic sector is bracing itself for tough times ahead in the wake of December’s  EU health claim ban for the sector, but the effects are yet to be...

Danone juice JV with Chiquita dogged by ‘mismanagement’: Industry source

With rumors emerging that Danone is selling its 51% stake in its fruit juice JV with Chuiquita Brands International, one industry source told that the French firm was likely...

Special edition: Innovations in minerals

Zinc benefitting from EU health claims game

Used in cigarette filters, as a corrosive, pigment and in the manufacture of rubber and concrete, zinc forms like zinc oxide and zinc suphate are also important nutrients for physiological...

EU food law expert: “In reality mutual recognition does not work effectively”

Mutual recognition – the covenant that assumes what is good enough for one EU member state should be good enough for another – is a mislaid principle when it comes...

Brussels conference blog

Botanical sabbaticals, special cases, and the EU's legal Eldorado

The ongoing imbroglio around botanical health claim regulation in the EU saw no sign of resolution in Brussels yesterday as the EC’s Basil Mathioudakis said any new regulatory framework could...

Sweden: Ban rejected NHCR nutrients in supplements?; Legal experts: Don’t be silly

Lycopene, lutein, CoQ10, probiotics and any other nutrients rejected under the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) could be banned in food supplements, a Swedish government official told a congress...

GOED issues mixed review of EU’s omega-3 labelling plans

Mooted labelling changes in the European Union that will place warnings about omega-3 consumption have received a guarded welcome from the global group that represents the sector.

Chr Hansen backs fresh probiotic immunity trial

Danish probiotics leader Chr Hansen, which ditched a €4m immunity trial for some of its probiotic strains last year, is participating in a new trial to determine if probiotics can...

Guernsey firm slapped for ‘miracle enzyme’ health claim abuse

The UK advertising watchdog has told a Guernsey-based supplements retailer-maufacturer to amend advertisements around enzyme supplements claiming joint, digestive, heart and other benefits.

Support voluntary anti-obesity efforts, industry urges EC presidency

Opposition to food taxes and support for voluntary industry actions to tackle obesity feature on a wish list of food industry priorities for the Irish presidency of the Council of...

NHCR article 13 health claims fallout

Valio: How a probiotic firm exists in the “red ocean” of EU health claims

Finnish dairy and probiotics firm Valio says EU health claim laws are forcing it to add approved vitamins and minerals to products like probiotics that have failed to win EU...

Honey slapped for slow-release energy claims; but what about Nutella?

Rowse Honey cannot claim it gives “slow release energy” following a UK advertising watchdog ruling that has disappointed the Oxfordshire firm and left it wondering how spread rival Nutella can make similar...

ANH: "EC must face the music for separating botanicals and probiotics"

An article in ‘Nature’ magazine welcoming tough EU health claim laws has highlighted the conundrum facing EU regulators if the Union is to adopt different claim-substantiation criteria for about 2000...

Callebaut cocoa health claim gets EC 'elasticity' makeover

Barry Callebaut’s Article 13.5 blood flow health claim on cocoa flavanols has been simplified by the European Commission.

The year ahead: 2013 European nutra futures

The economic crisis has hit the EU hard, and coupled with a severe health and nutrition claim clamp down, the past years have been challenging for the European nutra industry.

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