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Merck and Chr Hansen jointly submit probiotic allergy health claim

1 commentBy Shane Starling , 15-Oct-2012

Merck and Chr Hansen jointly submit probiotic allergy health claim

German pharma giant Merck has teamed with probiotics ingredients player Chr Hansen in a bid to win the European Union’s first probiotic health claim.

The two firms last month submitted an article 13.5 claim under the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) linking Chr Hansen’s Lactobacillus paracasei LP-33 probiotic strain and allergy resistance (Merck via its French arm, Merck Médication Familiale).

The claim revolves around the idea that the strain can, “contribute to the body’s resistance to airborne allergens in adult subjects”.

“The application is based on studies showing a positive effect of a specific probiotic strain used in dietary supplements by people with allergy,” Chr Hansen’s director of scientific affairs in health and nutrition, Birgit Michelsen, told us.

An EFSA ruling relating to this is expected during spring 2013.”

It is not certain which Merck products would bear the claim, if it was approved.

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Can EFSA grant claims for sick patients?

In my limited understanding of the regulatory situation surrounding probiotics, is it within the scope of EFSA to grant claims which concern sick patients? An allergy is not a nutritional issue, but a health one.
Do big players like Chr Hansen and Merck believe that 'joining forces' will solve the underlying problem that EFSA is not mandated to grant specific health claims for human pathologies?
Food Safety is not a pharmaceutical issue.

Am I wrong?

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Posted by Joseph Simmons
28 November 2012 | 11h272012-11-28T11:27:25Z

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