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Denomega gains Friend of the Sea certification

Denomega’s omega-3 cod liver oil processing plant in Leknes, Norway, has been certified by sustainable fishing watchdog, Friend of the Sea.

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Epax chief: ‘We are the last of the big omega-3 independents’

Epax CEO Ola Snove thinks the €2bn BASF and DSM buying frenzy that saw many major suppliers consolidated in their hands is ultimately a good thing for the €20bn+ sector...

Monumental for maintenance of health? New study shows fish oil may boost heart health by influencing mental stress

The heart health benefits of fish oil may be partly linked to its ability to blunt the detrimental cardiovascular effects of mental stress, says a new study from Michigan Technological...

Nutritionist: more imaginative fish NPD needed

More creative use of oily fish in new product development (NPD) would help increase its consumption to advised levels, according to a prominent nutritionist.

Omega-3s may boost artery function in smokers

Cigarette smokers – a group at increased risk of heart problems – may benefit from daily omega-3 supplements, suggest new data from Greece.

Abbott awards $8 million to 7 studies probing cognition-nutrition link

Abbott Nutrition and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have announced nearly $8 million in funding for nutrition and cognition studies in the second year of their research partnership.

Norwegian family fishing firm seeking omega-3 cod catch

Geir Wilhelm Wold is a Norwegian fisherman, just like his father and his father before him. But when cod catch waste began to bother him Wold bought the Norwegian fish...

Norwegians debut 'compressed' omega-3 tablets

A Norwegian start-up says its patent pending compression technology has allowed it to commercialise omega-3 powder that can be formulated in hard tablets rather than capsules.

Green-lipped mussel omega-3s reduce exercise asthma: Study

New Zealand green-lipped mussel omega-3s improved respiratory function in exercising asthmatics, Indiana University researchers have found.

Neptune's strong sales helped cushion blow of plant explosion

Neptune Technologies and Bioressources has released its year end results for fiscal year 2013 which show that strong sales earlier in the year helped cushion the blow dealt to the...

Omega-3 sausages: German researchers develop method to tackle oxidation

Fraunhofer researchers in Germany have come up with a new method of adding omega-3 fatty acids to sausages, to allow German consumers to continue eating their favourite foods, but with...

Dispatches from VitaFoods Europe 2013

System of embargoing press releases skews perception of nutrition studies, GOED chief says

Recent research results about the effectiveness of omega 3 fatty acids in the prevention of secondary heart attacks have been generalized to cast doubt on the value of the ingredients'...

Live from VitaFoods 2013

GMO ingredients can form part of Omega-3 supply picture, GOED chief says

Genetic modification of oil seed crops will form an important part of the future omega-3s supply picture, according to Adam Ismail, executive director of the Global Organization of EPA and...

Guest article

EU health claims evolution: A submission rethink

Now that the dust has settled on the health claims submission process we should all be very clear on the rules of engagement. Well kind of, says Nigel Baldwin, chief...

Guest article

EU brain health opportunities in omega-3 and beyond

Brain health and memory emerged as a winner from the EU Article 13.1 health claims list as the link between nutrition and cognitive performance strengthens in the scientific literature.

Convenience and indulgence the secret to pacesetting confectionery sales

Launches from Hershey, Mondelez and Nestlé were among the top 100 bestselling new food and drink items in 2012 having filled consumer needs for convenience, indulgence and functionality, according to...

Omega-3 ethyl esters may make blood vessels more elastic: Study

Supplements of omega-3 fatty acids in the ethyl ester form may reduce the stiffness in arteries and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in obese people, says a new study...


The hunt for that ‘added extra’: Pushing beyond a health claim

The health-conscious yet frugal consumer is increasingly difficult to convince, even when presented with a plethora of health and nutrition claims on pack. So, just how can manufacturers prompt that...


Omega-3 bread: Health claims, sources and dosage gives a snapshot of the omega-3 bread market and unearths the best source of omega-3, the claims bakers can make on products and how much you need to have...

Omega-3s for clot prevention: EPA for men, DHA for women?

Men and women may benefit from different types of omega-3 fatty acid supplements to reduce their risk of stroke or heart attacks linked to blood clots, says a new study...

Omega-3 brain health claim rejected in EU

The EU’s science agency has rejected a health claim submission linking omega-3 form EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and reduced risk of ADHD in kids.

Novotech gets patents on powdered omega-3s technology

Novotech Nutraceuticals has announced that it has been awarded both US and UK patents on its technology to produce powdered omega-3 ingredients.

German extraction plant can deliver healthy ingredients

Nateco2 has opened what it claims is the world's largest CO2 pressure extraction plant, which it says can extract a wide range of functional ingredients using high pressure CO2 extraction....

Seaweed is unexploited and brimming with prospects for snacks, says expert

Seaweed is an extremely nutritious yet unexploited food ingredient that holds huge prospects for snack makers, a research expert says.

Increasing omega-3 intake could slash mortality risk in older adults: Study

High consumption of omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids might be associated with a lower risk of dying among older adults by as much as 27%, according to new research.