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Australian government backs infant formula research

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will continue a 15-year collaborative period with Australian food company Clover Corporation, by engaging in a new initiative to develop encapsulation techniques...

Special edition: Omega-3

All-conquering omega-3 market set for further growth

The market for omega-3 food, beverage and supplements in the US is over $5 billion with saturation point nowhere in sight, but how does the market break down, what are...

AlgaeBio unveils production stats as algal omega-3 market heats up

Algae Biosciences Corporation – a high-profile new entrant to the omega-3 fatty acid market – has unveiled detailed figures on anticipated production volumes after finalizing a deal to build the...

Aker BioMarine aims to launch ‘unique’ powdered krill product by year-end

Aker BioMarine is aiming to launch a novel powdered product from Antarctic krill “without using expensive and dilutive microencapsulation technology” by the end of this year.

Neptune promises productivity boost as sales rise but profits slide

Canadian krill oil firm Neptune Technologies & Bioressources posted a modest rise in revenues in the first quarter of 2012 but said its bottom line had suffered owing to changes...

Global omega-3 market set for ongoing 15-20% growth: Report

The 2010 global omega-3 market – just for foods and beverages and food supplements – is worth €5.57bn, according to a new report, with growth predicted of between 15-20%.

Norwegian player entering omega-3 supply with ‘24 hour virgin oil’ salmon offering

Norwegian start-up Hofseth Biocare is set for a September debut of an omega-3 form it is promoting on the back of high-quality salmon sourcing and ongoing clinical trials demonstrating LDL...

Research suggests basis for red wine heart benefits

A new study suggests red wine polyphenols may protect omega-3 fatty acids from breaking down in the body, offering a possible mechanism for the cardiovascular benefits associated with red wine...

EHPM: MEP health claim support is “encouraging”

A Brussels-based pan-European trade group says it is encouraged by interactions with MEPs who are set to play an active role in scrutinising and potentially modifying controversial European Union...

Omega-3 may boost heart benefits of tomato antioxidants: Study

Adding omega-3 to an antioxidant-rich tomato juice may boost the potential heart health benefits of the juice, suggesting a potential synergy between nutrients, says a new study.

Maternal DHA may boost baby’s immune system

Supplementation with high-dose DHA omega-3 oil whilst pregnant may help to enhance infants' immune systems, according to new research.

EU nanotechnology group: Nano can beat microemulsion bioavailability “threefold”

A position paper published this month by the EU-funded European Nanotechnology Gateway backs the role of nanotechnology to improve nutrient bioavailability for a range of lipiphilic nutrients like omega-3s and...

Chia seeds may offer omega-3 heart and liver benefits: Study

Consumption of chia seeds as a source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) may bring about redistribution associated with heart and liver protection, according to new research in rats.

Omega-3s may reduce diabetes risk: 3 studies compare plant & marine sources

Increased blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids from plant or marine sources are associated with reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, according to three new studies in the American Journal of...

Krill oil again shows obesity benefits: Mouse study

Supplementing a high fat diet with krill oil may activate receptors that affect appetite and energy balance, suggest new findings from a mouse study with potential implications for obesity.

Omega-3 industry ‘baffled’ by EC call to review European safety levels

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will conduct a formal scientific review of omega-3 levels in the European Union following concerns raised by German authorities, something the omega-3 sector says...

Omega-3 ‘scientifically supported’ to reduce blood vessel stiffness

A review of the scientific literature reveals that omega-3 fatty acids offer a ‘scientifically supported means of reducing arterial stiffness’, says a new review from Australia.

News in brief

Schiff Nutrition gets exclusive sales rights for Aker krill oil

Krill supplier Aker BioMarine has undertaken to deliver up to 300 metric tons of krill oil per year to Schiff Nutrition, as the companies expand their supply agreement through 2016.

Earlier the better for omega-3 benefits for brains & hearts?

Supplements of omega-3 fatty acids for brain and heart health may need to be provided early in life to produce any benefits, suggests a new study with rats.

Norway: No high-dose omega-3 adverse effects

Norwegian authorities have conducted a safety review of omega-3 forms EPA and DHA and found no adverse effects up to levels as high as 6.9g per day for certain conditions...

Lipid Nutrition fire sale does not include infant formula offering

Dutch fats and oils specialist IOI-Loders Croklaan will integrate breast milk alternative Betapol into its product range to complete the break-up of its subsidiary Lipid Nutrition announced yesterday.

ANH slams NHS supplements report

The Alliance for Natural Health Europe (ANH-EU) has slammed a recent UK National Health Service (NHS) report which questioned the effectiveness of most food supplements as the statement of an...

Provexis targets sports nutrition with £8m acquisition

UK life science business Provexis has signed a conditional agreement to acquire sports nutrition company Science in Sports (SiS) for £8m.

Industry response - NHS report on food supplements

Supplements – Who needs them? Er, around 85% of working adults, say stats

The UK and European food supplements industry has hit back at a recent UK National Health Service (NHS) report that largely cast supplements as being ineffective, and recommended ‘a balanced...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

WWF on krill: "World’s largest under-exploited fishery"

Krill provides only a small link in the omega-3 supply chain, but the sustainability of the Antarctic fishery is regularly brought under the spotlight, often unfairly says the WWF.

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