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Fish oil supply crisis forces omega-3 price hike at DSM

DSM’s bulging lipid business has bumped fish-sourced omega-3 oil prices 15% as crude fish oil stock prices skyrocket in the face of increasing demands on global fisheries.

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Battle of the omega-3 forms: Triglycerides, ethyl esters, or phospholipids?

As the number of omega-3 sources in the market increases, including fish, krill, squid, algae, and plant, suppliers are increasingly using the omega-3 form to differentiate their products. But where...

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How high can high-end omega-3 go?

Just got off the phone to Ola Snove, the new(ish) CEO of Aker part-owned Norwegian omega-3 specialist Epax. Wanted to know his view on high-end omega-3 prospects that have attracted...

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Marine omega-3 sources are clearing sustainability bar—so far

Fish oil, an ingredient with a 150-year plus history as a nutraceutical, continues to be the mainstay of the world’s supply of omega-3s.  But, with all of the questions hovering...

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Finding the sweet spot in the algal omega-3 market

Most experts say we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to exploring the commercial potential of microalgae. But who is best-placed to translate this promise into hard cash...

Special edition: Omega-3

Finished product fortification: Tackling the challenges of omega-3 in processed foods

Omega-3 is the undisputed champion of the supplement and health food world. Yet its translation into everyday food products is slow and challenging because of the complex interactions that need...

Nutrition cluster holds but DSM profits slide 27% as recession bites

Royal DSM saw 2012 EBIT (operating) profits fall 27% to €635m from €866m in 2011 – but the human and animal nutrition business it has invested €2.4bn in since 2010 added 6% in profit.

French omega-3 supplier set for home-market margarine debut

French supplier Polaris says it is in talks with a French manufacturer to introduce its omega-3 into a margarine product this year.

EU fisheries 'discard ban' can help meet booming omega-3 oil demand: IFFO

Banning European fisherman from throwing away unintended catches and fillet waste can provide a significant boost to fish oil and fish meal supplies, says a global marine ingredients group.

Flaxseed-fed cows produce omega-3-rich milk, US researchers claim

Lactating cows fed flaxseed produce milk containing more omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fat, US researchers have claimed.

Of mice and men: Experts challenge omega-6, omega-3 mouse gut health study

Leading omega-3 experts have challenged results of a study with mice that found that a diet rich in omega-6 fatty acids may disrupt gut microbiota, and that supplemental fish oil...

Omega-3 rich diet can boost children’s IQ, says meta-analysis

Supplementing children's diets with fish oil is one of several effective ways to raise a young child’s IQ levels, according to a new report.

GOED issues mixed review of EU’s omega-3 labelling plans

Mooted labelling changes in the European Union that will place warnings about omega-3 consumption have received a guarded welcome from the global group that represents the sector.


Greece is the word: BASF tells Pronova shareholders revised bid is fair value

BASF says revised offer for omega-3 API maker Pronova Biopharma is fair value given recent Greek Government decision to stop reimbursing two key drugs. 

Nutricia launches high dose 1.5g omega-3 Alzheimer’s drink

Danone’s specialist nutrition arm, Nutricia, has debuted a pharmacy-only formula for sufferers of early dementia containing 1500mg of omega-3s.

Amazonian omega-3 Inca oil wins EU approval

An omega-3 rich oil from the Peruvian Amazon has won EU Novel Foods approval in all foods and food supplements and is being distributed in the European Union by French...

‘Intriguing’ study shows heart health benefits of omega-3-rich yogurt

Daily consumption of omega-3-fortified yogurt may help boost heart health, says a new study that may ‘intrigue CPG companies to begin or continue their formulation efforts’.

Runaway Omega-3 beverage demand ‘can be scary’ – Virun CEO

Virun CEO Philip Bromley tells Ben Bouckley about the firm’s evolution from drug delivery technology into the beverage sphere, and explains that DHA and EPA Omega-3 oils dominate functional demands...

M&A: BASF extends ProNova offer after only 67% sell; DSM confirms Fortitech buy

BASF has extended the bid period for its €650m offer to buy high-dose omega-3 specialist Pronova BioPharma, after only 67.2% of the Norwegian firm’s shareholders  agreed to sell their stakes....

Cholesterol-low cheese ‘highly suited’ for hypertension sufferers - developer

Spanish researchers have created a cholesterol-low, reduced salt, fatty acid-enriched cheese, which is “highly suited” to the elderly and those that suffer from hypertension.

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BASF nutrition president on high-end omega-3, Equateq and the phood “white space”

BASF is moving en masse into omega-3 - especially if its bid for Norwegian player Pronova is approved - but it is technology gained from its May acquisition of a high-dose omega-3...

Nutricia wins follow-on milk TV ad battle over ‘2x’ nutrient claims

Infant and medical food specialist Nutricia has had a UK TV campaign claiming toddlers needed twice the nutrients of adults backed by the watchdog there.

Cholesterol lowering bread: Researcher reveals method using whole grain oats

A new way to produce heart healthy bread from whole grain oats could help industry create a new area of functional bread products backed by EU health claims, according to...

Omega-3 may delay metabolic malady and block mental declines: Study

Supplementation with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) could postpone the onset of metabolic disorders and associated declines in cognitive functioning, according to new research.