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DHA omega-3 may lower anxiety risk

Increased intakes of the omega-3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are associated with a reduced risk of anxiety, a study from Australia has reported for the first time.

Omega-3 may boost working memory in healthy young adults: Study

Increasing intakes of omega-3 may improve the working memory of young adults who are at the peak of their cognitive abilities, according to new data.

Asian krill boom drives krill joint venture

Australian, Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese and other Asian consumers are driving rising demand in omega-3 source krill to levels that have prompted Norwegian krill supplier, Rimfrost, to ink a production-boosting...

BASF wants a share of pharma omega-3 market

BASF wants a share of the $1.5bn global market for drug grade omega-3 and expects the plant it is building to start shipping product early next year. 

Omega-3 supplementation backed for depression in elderly

Supplementation with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) could help to reduce the symptoms of depression in elderly people, according to new research.

GC Rieber launches new ‘ultra omega-3 concentrate’

A new omega-3 concentrate is being launched by GC Rieber Oils, the company’s first 90% total omega-3 fish oil concentrate.

Omega-3’s may improve inflammatory profile in obese people

Daily supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce levels of inflammatory markers in the fat tissue of obese people, says a new study from Austria.

Fluxome US: “Business as usual” despite euro crisis

The US operation of financially stricken resveratrol supplier, Fluxome, says the cash crisis that has forced closure of its Danish research facility, will not halt resveratrol supply through its US...

Fluxome cash crisis caused by “gross mismanagement”

Management at embattled resveratrol supplier Fluxome has come in for severe criticism as the company hovers on the verge of financial collapse unless a fresh investor can be found in...

Retail omega-3s sales to hit $34.7 billion in 2016, report predicts

Global consumer spending on omega-3 products will jump from $25.4 billion in 2011 to $34.7 billion in 2016, according to a new report from market research firm Packaged Facts.

Omega-3 supplementation could help slow biological ‘aging’

Shifting the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 dietary fats in favour of omega-3 through supplementation could help to slow the biological effects of aging, according to new research.

Resveratrol player faces bankruptcy if omega-3 funding switch fails: Chairman

Global resveratrol player Fluxome has 8-12 weeks to raise millions of euros to fund a research switch to omega-3, or face bankruptcy, its chairman told NutraIngredients this morning.

DSM eyes more buys (probiotics, herbals?) as it seeks complete nutrition portfolio

Growth in DSM’s human and animal nutrition cluster is set to continue after the company this morning indicated an ongoing commitment to broadening its portfolio and did not rule out...

Scandinavian €800,000 krill phospholipid oxidation project: “We have found some new compounds”

The problem of oxidation of phospholipids in krill being investigated by an €800,000 tri-party Norway government-backed project that seeks to reveal ways around a problem that affects taste, smell and...

Omega-3s again linked to lower heart failure risk

Consuming fish at least once a month, and increased blood levels of  ALA and DPA, may reduce the risk of heart failure, says a new study that adds to the...

‘Flawed’ omega-3 meta-analysis harms public health: GOED

A new meta-analysis that questioned the heart health benefits of omega-3s is ‘flawed’ and could deter consumers from taking fatty acid supplements and could be harmful to public health, says...

Algal DHA omega-3 boosts reading capability in underperforming children: Study

Daily supplementation of algal DHA omega-3 may boost a child’s reading ability and improve behaviour, research finds.

Fish oil may protect against muscle deterioration in the elderly: Pilot study

Consumption of fish oil could help boost muscle strength in elderly people by around 20%, according to pilot data which will form the basis of a new study analysing the...

New Norwegian firm derives omega-3s from herring roe

A fresh face in the omega-3s category, Arctic Nutrition, is making a splash with a new ingredient taken from one of the world’s oldest fisheries, deriving its DHA-rich phospholipid oil...

GOED chairman: Serious omega-3 supply issues lie ahead as demand rockets

The chair of the international marine-sourced omega-3 trade group has warned the omega-3 sector faces an impending supply crisis as global demand booms for food, pharma and supplement products.

Norwegians hit new heights with 2000mg omega-3 drink

Norwegian omega-3 specialist Smartfish has added a third component to its Smartfish Medical range – this time upping the ante from 1100mg to 2000mg of EPA and DHA omega-3s.

Omega-3s possess antioxidant potential, says gene expression study

Omega-3 fatty acids may offer antioxidant potential by modifying gene expression linked to antioxidant enzymes, says a new study from Germany.

Krill revenues up 23% at Aker Biomarine; Norwegians looking to expand

Krill specialist Aker BioMarine is looking at expanding production after its Q2 results showed operating revenue growth of 23% from NOK87m (€11.91m) in Q2 2011, to NOK107m (€14.65m) in Q2 2012.

IOM, FDA 'intrigued' by potential economic impact of increasing omega-3 intakes: GOED

Representatives from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) are said to have been "intrigued" by the potential economic impact of increasing intakes of omega-3 EPA and DHA, following a meeting between...

UK watchdog ‘O-Kays’ Unilever healthy oil campaign

The voluntary UK watchdog has backed a TV campaign for Unilever Flora Cuisine that was challenged over claims the omega-3 imbued cooking oil contained, “45% less saturated fat than olive...