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IDF taskforce doubles microbial species on safe list

An International Dairy Federation taskforce has updated a 2002 inventory of safe microbial species including some probiotic species – from 112 to 221 – a list the group hopes will...

Chr Hansen eyes first EFSA probiotic approval with uber-“pharma-style” immune study

Chr Hansen has commissioned a 1000-person+ trial seeking to demonstrate the immunity benefits of one of its flagship strains, Lactobacillus casei, as the leading Danish probiotics supplier continues to fight...

European probiotic conferences given fresh push via William Reed acquisition

William Reed Business Media (WRBM), the publisher of, has taken control of two leading European probiotic conferences – Probiotech and Microbiota – from French firm Gate2Tech.

Ingredient suppliers grasping opportunity inside Asia’s many markets

Intra-regional finesse is a necessity not a luxury when it comes to doing business in the many markets of the Asia-Pacific, as leading suppliers Chr Hansen and Danisco relayed at...

Academics slam 'medicine-based' EU health claims system

A group of 13 academics has slammed the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) for its ‘evidence based medicinal’ approach that rules out what they view as perfectly valid...

Chr Hansen inks Japanese probiotic-plant extract deal

Danish probiotics giant Chr Hansen says its just-announced alliance with a Japanese botanical supplement maker will yield plant-probiotic combination food supplement products on European and global markets kicking off in...

Vésale Pharma opens Belgian probiotic production plant

Belgian supplier Vésale Pharma has opened a production facility for the patent-pending probiotic microencapsulation technology it kicked into life at the start of the year.

EC expects "smooth adoption" of article 13 health claims list in Q1 2012

The European Commission’s directorate for health and consumer affairs, DG Sanco, has said it is close to finalising the 2758 claim-strong list of generic claims for publication in the European...

Immunity and hypertension ingredients sector set for 45% growth: Frost

Market analyst Frost & Sullivan has fingered immunity and hypertension as two promising nutrient areas, with events such as the recent Swine flu crisis feeding consumer interest in nutritional solutions...

Probiotic intake linked to fewer birth complications

Regular consumption of dairy-based probiotic formulations are associated with a 20% reduction in the risk of pre-eclampsia, suggests new data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Probiotics again show immune boosting activity: Study

Daily supplementation with beneficial bacterial strains may boost measures of immune function by about 50%, say new findings from Chr. Hansen.

Biopolymer protection may be boost to probiotic industry

A new biopolymer technology that protects probiotic bacteria during transit through the body could provide a major boost for the industry, according to new research.

You are what you eat: Gut bacteria enterotypes linked to diet

The type of food you eat may help to determine the type of bacterial population – or enterotypes – in your gut, according to a new study.

EFSA stands by probiotic cheese rejection

The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) health claims panel says there are no grounds for it to alter its rejection of a claim that sought to link probiotic cheese consumption...

Protexin buys €2m+ UK pre-probiotic brand

UK firm Probiotics International (Protexin) has acquired fellow UK digestive products maker, The Healthy Bowels Company, in an undisclosed deal that sees Protexin gain control of €2m+ pre-probiotic combination brand,...

Probiotic video game in the works

The makers of the Microwarriors probiotic and prebiotic documentary that has been raising probiotic awareness since its release at the beginning of the year, are working on a video game...

Probiotics may reduce anxiety and depression, suggests study

Probiotic bacteria may have the potential to alter brain neurochemistry, affecting anxiety and depression-related disorders, says new research.

Valio demands EFSA reveal its “methodological and statistical requirements”

Finnish dairy group and ingredients supplier Valio has challenged the European Food Safety Authority’s rejection of its probiotic-gut health claim submission earlier this year, and called on the agency to...

Medical channel issues BioGaia healthy profit diagnosis

Profits have surged 60% at Swedish probiotics player BioGaia as its focus on the medical channel sees its business growing in all markets, with Italy and Japan gaining special mention.

E. coli infections could be reduced with probiotics, show non-human studies

The recent spate of 1000s of E. coli infectionsin Europe – with no known treatment – that sprang from contaminated vegetables could be reduced in occurrence and severity by probiotics,...

UK tabloid labels functional foods a ‘gimmick’

Leading right-wing UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail found room in its pages today to slam more than just London’s looters with functional foods also taking a beating for delivering...

Probiotics maker: There is a temptation to overstate the benefits

Regulatory uncertainty in Europe and a string of high-profile lawsuits in the US has made firms much more cautious about making health claims about probiotics, according to one California-based supplier.

Survey shows sharp rise in awareness of pre- and probiotics

Consumer awareness of the benefits of prebiotic fibers and probiotics for digestive health has risen steadily in the US over the past five years, according to a new survey into...

Dietary oligosaccharides could boost infant nutrition and immunity

Consumption of oligosaccharides from food sources, rather than solely from breast milk, could help to boost childhood nutrition and immunity, reducing the risk of food allergy and dermatitis, says a...

Agro-waste could provide nano-fibres for probiotics encapsulation

Waste fibres from the agricultural and food processing industry could be used for the nano-encapsulation of bioactives such as probiotics, according to new research.

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