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Intestinal bacteria may influence food transit through the gut

Food transit time though the gut may be controlled by a complex system of hormones released by our microbiota, according to new research.

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Irish firm offers (cheaper) heat resistant probiotics for infant formula

Irish biotech start-up AnaBio Technologies is in advanced negotiations with major infant formula makers interested in its encapsulation technologies that can blend probiotics and minerals into heat treated products at...

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Yakult brings probiotic little bottles to Switzerland

Switzerland is the newest market for Japanese probiotic drink leader Yakult, which began selling there last month.

Gut reaction: Could hormone receptors on gut bacteria be driving diet-health interactions?

Dietary intake of foods that affect hormone levels could drive changes in the microbial make up of ourgut flora, according to new research in mice.

“There is an urgent need for a fresh approach dealing with the EU’s immovable commitment to harmonise maximum levels for vitamins and minerals”

New research aims to end EU’s vitamin safety blockade

Just commissioned research aims to to help resolve the stalemate that exists in the EU over maximum permitted levels (MPLs) for vitamins and minerals with a novel approach.

Gut bacteria may be linked to rheumatoid arthritis: Study

Bacterial disturbances in the gut may play a role in autoimmune attacks on joints, and could point the way towards novel ways to manage and prevent arthritis, say researchers.

Four trends propelling the dairy market

An ageing population, new EFSA health claims, protein perceptions and a focus on sugar as opposed to fat are some key considerations that are or should be driving the dairy...

Probiota 2014, February 4-5, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Probiota 2014 calls for cutting edge science for inaugural Poster Sessions

Probiota 2014 – the leading conference bridging the interface of academia and industry for cutting edge science about the prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome – is calling for proposals for...

Researchers identify molecular link between gut bacteria and intestinal health

An enzyme known as HDAC3 may be central to understanding the mechanisms and drivers behind the complex relationship between our gut microbiota and intestinal health, according to new research published...

World’s fastest growing functional food in 2013? Infant formula (by a mile)

Infant formula is the fastest growing healthy and functional food and drink category – adding almost $5bn (€3.63bn) in global sales in 2013 according to Euromonitor International.

Probiotic labelling bid shaky, says top legal group

The chances of the European Commission (EC) approving the latest bid to use the term ‘probiotic’ as a ‘generic descriptor’ are slim, according to law firm Eversheds.

BioGaia signs 5 probiotic oral health deals

Swedish probiotic supplier BioGaia has inked distribution deals in five countries for its probiotic oral health products.

Chr Hansen CEO on ‘solid’ 2013 profit: ‘We are very proud of our European performance’

Chr Hansen CEO Cees de Jong today praised the Danish enzymes, cultures and colours specialist’s 2012-2013 performance that saw revenues grow 6% to €738m for the year, and highlighted 5%...

Chr. Hansen takes first shot at liquid probiotics

Chr. Hansen has announced the launch of its first liquid form probiotic with a broad target audience, available in a shot dosage which has already proved popular in Italy.

Debut probiotic shot comes with alu-blister packaging

A drinkable probiotic shot will be launched at CPhI 2013 in a mini bottle using Drycap technology, which lets probiotics live in a dry environment.

EpiCor shows prebiotic activity – new study unlocks ingredient’s immunity mechanisms

The immune benefits of EpiCor, the yeast fermentate from Embria, may be related to its prebiotic potential to boost levels of beneficial bacteria, says a new study.

Prebiotic fibre could induce 'profound metabolic changes'

Prebiotic short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) could modify metabolism through their effect on intestinal microbiota, which could prove helpful for type 2 diabetics, research has claimed. 

Russia restricts food supplement marketing

Russia has placed restrictions on food supplement marketing by forcing radio, TV and video adverts to carry medical disclaimers.

Study backs milk protein micro-particles for probiotic survival

A mixture of casein and whey protein may offer the best encapsulation and survival possibilities for the probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, according to new research.

Gut bacteria are closely linked to immune functions, review suggests

A new understanding of the essential role of gut microbes in the immune system could hold the key to battling significant and global public health issues, researchers have suggested.


'Dairy pro- and prebiotics can boost brain, liver and infant health'

Irish scientists working with gut bacteria – microbiota – have found 'exciting opportunities' for value-added dairy products, according to the head of biotechnology at Ireland’s largest food research center.

Spanish firm wins cholesterol-lowering probiotic patent

Spanish start-up AB-Biotics has been granted a composition patent linking its Lactobacillus plantarum blend with cholesterol reduction in Europe.

Probiotics can benefit colitis sufferers with ‘anal pouch’ issues: Study

Ulcerative colitis (UC) sufferers who are surgically fitted with an artificial anus (‘ileoanal pouch’) can benefit from probiotics, Swedish and Dutch researchers have found.

Meta-analysis: Probiotic reduces infant skin disorders (but not asthma/wheezing)

The probiotic strain Lactobacillus acidophilus decreases skin sensitivity in children that can reduce disorders like eczema, researchers have found after a scan of published studies – but other allergic ailments like asthma...

What is a health benefit? Researchers issue probiotic guidance for EFSA applications

An evaluation of all EFSA opinions relating to probiotics will help industry players better understand what sort of claims are accepted as a health benefit and which claims are not,...