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Resveratrol and cancer: The study behind the headlines

By Nathan Gray, 11-Dec-2012

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Last week saw widespread media coverage of research suggesting resveratrol – often referred to as ‘the red wine compound’ – could help to cut cancer risk by half. NutraIngredients caught up with the researcher behind the study to find out more about the headline grabbing study.

The animal model research – presented to fellow experts at the Resveratrol 2012 conference – suggests that a low level daily dose of the compound, equivalent to around two glasses of wine, could slash the rate of bowel tumours by 50%.

Speaking with NutraIngredients, Professor Karen Brown, who led the research, said her team has been investigating the potential cancer protective properties of resveratrol – a powerful polyphenol compound found in many plants, including grapes – for a number of years.

Brown told us that the research in animal models suggests that lower doses of the compound could be of use for cancer prevention, with more exciting research in animals and humans planned in the future.