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More Mole-hill than Mountain

Dr. Watson has an extraordinary resume, but he also has a history of seemingly careless, and weakly-scientific comments/theories, to say the least. There are data from cancer researchers, other than Watson, supporting the notion that antioxidants may protect cancer cells from treatments. But there is also data that some cancer cells are genetically super-antioxidant producing, and more yet that oxidants can induce cancer.

There is a mountain of difference between the theory that antioxidants can protect cancer from therapy, and the theories contained in the statements that eating blueberries will not lead to less cancer - and that antioxidants promote the development of cancer, or metastatic cancer. If they do promote cancer, but such a "small" number that it has been, as of yet, difficult to empirically observe, then where is the Mountain?

Posted by Darren Page
18 January 2013 | 00h43

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