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Pectin: Sourcing issues and ideas

Mango, banana, and pumpkin have all been mentioned as alternative pectin sources - but are they industrially viable? In the final part of an in-depth special series, FoodNavigator examines the potential of alternative sources of pectin to challenge citrus and apple.

Pectin: Dairy replacer and micro-encapsulator

Replacing a dairy ingredient with one from citrus may not sound plausible, but rocketing dairy prices are prompting formulators to look elsewhere for ingredients. In the fourth part of an in-depth special series, FoodNavigator examines the potential of pectin to replace dairy proteins.

Eastern Europe: The fastest growing market

Sales of nutraceutical products in Eastern Europe have shot up in the past decade, as the market catches up with the rest of the world, according to an industry veteran.

The four markets dominating EU supplements

Italy and Germany are the two largest single markets for nutraceutical products in Western Europe, followed by the UK and France, according to a recent market overview.

FSA appoints chief executive

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has appointed Tim Smith as its chief executive.Smith, former chief executive of Arla Foods, will take up his post in...

There aren't plenty more fish in the sea

As a youngster I was brought up on a healthy diet of tuna fish sandwiches and Disney - making my new year's resolution for 2007 the toughest yet. That's right, I'm giving up tuna and who knows, even cod.

Is a trans fat ban a healthy solution?

Sometimes I just love eating fatty, greasy, unquestionably hazardous foods. But I don't like trans fats, that come as a by-product in some processed foods, and have been linked to high cholesterol and heart problems.

Sweet news for plant bakers

A new invert syrup from British Sugar offers convenience and flexibility benefits for plant bakers.Invasweet was developed to meet the bakery market's need for a...