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OKULIST®: Enhancing people's vision all over the world

Published: 07-Aug-2007 | Format: Web page | Document type: Product Presentation

OKULIST® anti-inflammatory eye TAXIFOLIN and OPC (Proanthocyanidins) based supplement are visual capabilities boosters, proving their effectiveness by gaining 10% of the plant annual sales revenues and recommended by Ministry of Health as the most effective vision deterioration preventive supplement for daily consumption.




OKULIST® is especially useful to administer for treatment of:




- Progressive myopia,


- Computer sight syndrome and eyes fatigue due to elevated visual stress,


- Senile farsightedness and age related changes in visual acuity,


- Progressive deterioration of twilight vision and night blindness.




OKULIST® stabilizes cellular membranes and permeability, and inhibits the development of tissue dystrophic changes.




OKULIST®as anti-inflammatory eye TAXIFOLIN and OPC (Proanthocyanidins) based supplement demonstrates a strong scavenging effect of free radicals (FR). It is now a proven fact that free radicals initiate a large number of pathologic conditions and diseases in human organism when preventive measures are not implemented.




TAXIFOLIN has differentiated itself from other ingredients in the marketplace because of its extensive research portfolio. More than 589 published studies and review articles ensuring its safety and efficiency as an ingredient have been completed over the last 50 years.












- Does not contain and is not prepared using Genetically Modified Organisms (European Directives 1829/2003 and 1830/2003),



- Is 100% natural, and is not affected by BSE/BSH (Bovine/Human spongiform encephalopathy),



- Does not contain gluten or other allergenic components,



- Content compounds are certified Kosher / Pareve,



- Is not irradiated.






Key properties of bioflavonoid complex OKULIST®:




- Recommended daily dosage 4-6 tabs (adults and children older 14 years of age),


- Course of administration 3-4 weeks,


- High prevention lag time,


- Neutral flavor,


- Easy to process.








- Promotes clear vision and healthy eyes, including macula, retina and lens,




- Supports healthy eye growth, and rejuvenation,




- Supports the body's natural detoxification processes with targeted, quantum quality antioxidants for vision.




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