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BerryPharma® - the Expert in Berry Extracts


BerryPharma® extracts are produced at the Iprona AG manufacturing site in Lana, Italy. 

The BerryPharma® brand is recognized internationally for standardized polyphenols extracted using the most modern ultra filtration technology.      
In addition, our polyphenol production technology also includes high grade ethanol extraction for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.  

BerryPharma® Extracts are produced from European red fruits which are contracted from Growers covering many European regions including France, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine and Scandinavia. Polyphenols are extracted from Elderberry, Elder Flower, Blackcurrant, Bilberry and Aronia. Extracts are available as both liquids and powders.

BerryPharma® also provides customised product development solutions.

BerryPharma® Extracts are supported by extensive laboratory analysis at our own laboratory facilities as well as external institutions. In addition, we also endorse our extracts through clinical trials to substantiate the potential health claims. 

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