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POLARIS is a first rank expert at world level for nutritional lipids and lipids for health.The company is specialized in production and tailor-made formulation of high concentrate polyunsaturated fatty acids and especially Omega 3 from marine origin and other oils with high nutritional values. 

The Polaris team has developed and introduced on the markets many innovations aimed at improving the quality, stability and formulation of Omega 3s from marine and vegetable origins. Its stabilized oils Qualitysilver® (patented process) are some of the most sought after whatever the final application: dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmetics.

Owing to its roots in Brittany, France, Polaris also follows a strong policy of adding value to marine by-products with local food companies and supports research projects from competitive poles. Two of Polaris priorities are sustainability and preservation of marine resources. 
As a specialist in lipochemistry, Polaris offers a toll manufacturing service using its concentration, purification and deodorization technologies for health actives and ingredients. Its innovative technologies enables the fractionation of health ingredients through a gentle process and without the use of solvents for nutraceuticals and cosmetic applications.

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