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Arla Foods Ingredients

Arla Foods Ingredients is the specialist provider of innovative solutions within the milk-based ingredients industry.

Our expertise in functional milk and whey proteins, and milk minerals can be utilized in the following applications:

Dairy products

Functional milk proteins can transform your dairy products. We develop solutions for all dairy categories to increase functionality – and provide cost savings.

Ice Cream

Our functional milk proteins can take your ice cream products to a higher level of structure, melting properties and shrinkage resistance. They can also help you develop extraordinary low fat ice cream products.

Bakery products

By helping to reduce your overall ingredients costs, our milk and whey proteins can help your production costs while at the same time improve the functionality and quality of your baked goods.


Our milk proteins and whey concentrates are the natural way to optimize the nutritional content of your products within the areas of health and performance and pediatrics. All of our products are extensively documented and tested by leading global research institutions.


The opportunity to develop and improve products together with an expert in protein functionality, without any strings attached, is what’s offered to you through our unique Twintell® Application Programme.

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