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Founded in late 2000, KitoZyme designs and manufactures innovative solutions to preserve and strengthen the health capital of people. Active in Life Sciences , KitoZyme develops, manufactures and markets proprietary and innovative products for the global human health market.

These products are mainly medical devices based on unique and patented technologies; chitosan and chitin -glucan produced from animal-free and non-GMO sources. The performance and safety of these technologies are all scientifically and clinically proven.

KitoZyme is expert in 3 main areas :

- Treatment of overweight

  Slim- MEDTM range , based on our plant chitosan brings new solutions & unique prevention and treatment against obesity and overweight.

- Digestive Health

  KiOtransineTM is the new patented agent for the improvement of gut microbiota

- Cardiovascular

  KiOnutrime -CG ®, based on the chitin - glucan technology that significantly reduces oxidized LDL.

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