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AstaReal AB

AstaReal has extensive expertise in producing natural astaxanthin, a highly effective antioxidant, to promote health in humans and animals. Astaxanthin is produced by cultivating the alga Haematococcus pluvialis indoors which enable maximum efficiency and the highest quality. AstaReal offers a range of unique patented astaxanthin-based products to be used in dietary supplements, animal feed and cosmetic. Since 1995, AstaReal  has successfully been marketing astaxanthin as bulk material (AstaREAL) and retail products (Astaxin®, Astavita®). AstaREAL is free to be used in food supplements in EU, is recognized as GRAS in the USA and is frequently used in nutraceuticals and in foods on many markets in Asia.

Astaxanthin is a kind of carotenoid and a natural red pigment found in animals, plants and bacteria. For instance, it gives the characteristic pink colour in salmons. Thanks of astaxanthin unique molecular structure, it gives a superior protection to all cells and is not showing any pro-oxidative effects like many other antioxidants do. Human clinical studies demonstrate the benefits of astaxanthin to strengthen the immune system, improve skin and gastric health and to enhance muscle performance. Recent researches further display its potential for cardiovascular health and diabetes. All these effects are due to the strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity of astaxanthin. The health benefits of astaxanthin are continually being documented and the interest is growing rapidly among researches as well as for consumers.

AstaReal AB is together with their parent company Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Japan, the world leader in research-based astaxanthin health products.

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