Chr Hansen reveals new probiotics data for colds and ‘flu

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Daily supplements of either BB-12 or L. casei 431 bacterial strains may improve the body’s resistance to common infections such as flu and colds, suggest new findings.

According to findings presented at the 2nd World Congress on Immunity Ingredients, Malta, supplements of Chr. Hansen’s probiotic strains BB-12 or L. casei 431 increased antibody responses compared with placebo after a challenge of the immune system. The study was sponsored by Chr. Hansen and conducted in cooperation with a hospital and the University of Milan.

“These results offer strong evidence that the functionality of the immune system can be improved by dietary supplementation with these probiotic strains. No drugs are available to improve the effects of vaccinations or to augment the level of immune mediated protection against infections. This can apparently be achieved with dietary supplementations,”​ said study Professor Mario Clerici, director of the department of biomedical science and technology at the University of Milan.

Chr. Hansen’s Birgit Michelsen, director of scientific affairs, health & nutrition division described the results as promising, and added the results are part of the company’s “comprehensive clinical study program documents that supplementation with our probiotics induces multiple and complimentary parts of the immune system”​.

“The outcomes of this study, as well as data from previous studies on BB-12 and L. casei 431, show that supplementation with these probiotic strains result in a strengthening of various parts of the immune system,”​ added Michelsen. “This will very likely translate into a clinical benefit, such as reduced rates of infection. However, studies designed specifically to assess infections are needed to determine this.”

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