BASF showcases improved Omega 3 absorption qualities with Accelon technology

By Will Chu

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BASF Newtrition launches its absorption accelerating technology designed to improve the delivery of omega-3 fatty acid oils from a single dose of concentrate.

The chemical giants believe its Accelon innovation directly addresses the digestion and absorption issues of Omega-3 oils that affect its potency and understanding of its benefits.

Accompanying research by BASF looking into Accelon’s effectiveness, found total Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) plus docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) absorption from the formulation were 6.4 and 11.5 times higher compared to control in low- and high-dose studies respectively.

The researchers believed this negated the need for a high-fat meal pre-supplementation to enable adequate Omega-3 absorption.

“Based on an individual’s Omega-3 Index before starting to supplement, we can fairly accurately tell you which dose you need to get your Index up to a new and safer level: 8% has been proposed as the target to strive for,” ​explained Øyvind Ihle, team leader at Newtrition Omega-3.

“The diet, in combination with typical supplement dosages, shows us that the Omega-3 consumer gets today is simply insufficient to move the needle much to create any substantial health benefit.

“By maximising absorption, Accelon shifts the paradigm: we can stop talking about intake, but rather focus on uptake and status. It should therefore be used to boost people's index further, rather than skimping on the dosage to little or no effect. Only then can people experience the benefit they're all hoping for.”

Omega-3 ethyl ester blend

The technology may go some way in aiding the understanding consumers have about other supplements such as Vitamin D or probiotics, which communicate simpler benefits and/or clearer efficacy indicators.

Accelon is a mix of Omega-3 oils formulated with very specific pre-emulsifiers, highly concentrated Omega-3 ethyl esters, food-grade carrier oils and antioxidants.

Once the capsule dissolves, an emulsion containing billions of Omega-3 micro droplets is spontaneously formed that passes into the intestine. 

Inside the intestinal lumen, the micro-droplets’ more accessible surface allows a higher rate of EPA and DHA digestion and absorption in free fatty acid form when compared to standard Omega-3 oils.

Significantly more EPA and DHA can now diffuse and be absorbed through the mucosal cells layer and subsequently released into the body’s circulation.

The technology compensates for people not getting the full “food effect” from a high fat meal, added Ilhe, who believed this was most relevant for soft gel capsules.

The combination of an advanced, effective, convenient Omega-3 technology which suits today’s lifestyles appeals to consumers and triggers “positive purchase interest,”​ Ihle continued.

‘Smarter tech’ resonates with consumers 

“Accelon offers an opportunity both to extend existing usage and reach out to potential new users,”​ he explained.

“One of the biggest barriers to use for non or lapsed users is the perception of efficacy. In our consumer research, Accelon clearly resonates among these consumers due to the perception of a 'smarter technology' that works at cellular level and gets more Omega-3 to where it’s needed, therefore credibly delivering the health benefits as claimed.

“Using the Nielsen Bases testing methodology, concepts with Accelon scored 30% higher in purchase interest than those without, which is a significant indicator of potential market success.”

Ilhe would not be drawn into what kind of customer base this technology would be attractive to, adding that “consumers are telling us they would be willing to pay a bit more as they can be confident that it will work”.

He added that BASF were currently looking into Accelon’s potential for helping other hard-to-absorb nutrients such as resveratrol and curcumin.

Source: Lipids in Health and Disease
Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1186/s12944-017-0589-0
“A novel self-micro-emulsifying delivery system (SMEDS) formulation significantly improves the fasting absorption of EPA and DHA from a single dose of an omega-3 ethyl ester concentrate.”
Authors: Qin et al.

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