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Ryan Durk (left) and Jimmy Bagley (right) pop Donny Frances Gregg into the BOD POD to evaluate his body composition. ©San Francisco State University

Does exercise and fitness help shape our gut microbiome?

By Will Chu

Researchers in the US have reaffirmed a suggested link between our gut bacteria and sports - with a finding that people with higher cardiovascular fitness have higher levels of certain 'beneficial bacteria'.

iStock / Rawpixel Ltd

BASF to consider VC investment and partnerships with shortlisted proposals

Newtrition Health Innovation Challenge: BASF calls for proposals

By Nathan Gray

BASF's human nutrition brand Newtrition is on the hunt for innovators and entrepreneurs to participate in the first-ever Newtrition Health Innovation Challenge.

Fish oils, ginseng added to Trump's latest tariff lists

Fish oils, ginseng added to Trump's latest tariff lists

By Hank Schultz

Dietary ingredients have still mostly escaped the most recent iteration of tariff lists for Chinese goods released by the Trump Administration. The real risk is not to the bottom line but to trade relationships in general, experts in the industry agree.

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