All news articles for August 2019

©GettyImages / Alikaj2582

Scientists create butter-like spread with 80% water

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Cornell University food scientists have created a low-calorie butter-like spread that consists of 80% water and minuscule drops of vegetable oil and milk fat, mimicking the look and texture of dairy butter without the use of artificial stabilizers.

©iStock/Tuan Azizi

Does Europe’s supplements sector have a QC problem?

By Shane Starling

Europe’s food supplement sector makes some of the world’s best, but QC issues around stability and blends threaten its standing, with only 10% of finished products bothering to conduct end-product stability testing, according to an industry player.

Getty | Yacobchuk

Trend tracker: Shoppers shun magic potions and seek simplicity

By Nikki Cutler

Consumers worldwide are shunning idealistic and unrealistic health goals touted by celebs and influencers and embracing more personalised preventative measures in a bid to take control of their health, according to new market insight.

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