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Joint venture to expand Swiss hemp oil extracts market

By Nikki Hancocks

Robertet and Klersun, global partners in hemp oil, have joined forces with Alponics, a Swiss based CBD and hemp producer, to provide the 'highest level of traceability and transparency' for makers of Swiss food, drink and supplements.

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Immunity and holistic wellness: Innovating for the post-pandemic world

By Nikki Hancocks

Worldwide demand for immunity products is likely to deliver a permanent ‘new norm’ of higher growth for these types of supplements and brands will need to innovate to meet heightened demands, according to the boss of global nutraceutical developer SIRIO...

EU Courts consider French CBD import ban a breach of EU law

EU Courts consider French CBD import ban a breach of EU law

By Will Chu

The highest European Court has for the first time expressed a legal position on the commercialisation of cannabidiol (CBD)-based products in Europe as its Advocate General said EU member states cannot ban the import of this ingredient.

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Turning omega-3 supplement waste into flipflops and yoga mats

By Nikki Hancocks

UC San Diego researchers, known for their algae-based flip-flops and surfboards creations, have discovered a way to take the waste products from omega-3 supplement production and convert them into a material used in foam products such as trainer soles,...

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