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Myth busting: Probiotics and immunity

By Nikki Hancocks

Probiotics are gaining popularity across the globe but there are various misconceptions about their role in immunity, explains Dr James Dekker, senior research scientist at Fonterra, in this Q&A with NutraIngredients.

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Editor's Spotlight: Startup Focus

Pandemic ramps up demand for personalised nutrition in healthcare

By Nikki Hancocks

“When we founded Clear one year ago we did so knowing the importance of preventative health but I didn’t see that this would be made so pertinently clear to the global audience within one year of launch."

NutraCast Podcast: Michelle Ricker on biohacking

NutraCast Podcast: Michelle Ricker on biohacking

By Danielle Masterson

You’ve likely heard of life hacks, which are tricks or shortcuts that help you be more efficient in life. You may or may not have heard of biohacks. But chances are, you’ve already tried some without even knowing it. You might even be biohacking right...

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Study: Potato protein a winner for women

By Nikki Hancocks

The recommended daily allowance of protein may be inadequate to support maintenance of muscle in young women and eating protein from the humble potato can help to maintain muscle, according to research from McMaster University funded by the Alliance for...

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