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Could 2021 be THE worst year in memory for botanical supply?

Experts sound alarm over 2021 botanical supply challenges

By Stephen Daniells

As sales of dietary supplements and natural products remain high – and many companies report record sales – the strain on the supply chain is immense, and for botanicals in particular, and that means a difficult 2021 could be on the horizon.

Good Fibrations fibre bars

Editor's Spotlight: Startup Focus

The Gut Stuff launch snack bars to spread fibre knowledge

By Nikki Hancocks

The founders of a gut health education startup have taken their quest to improve consumer knowledge one step further with the launch of their own fibre-full snack bars.

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COVID-19: Google trends reveal global nutrition focus

By Nikki Hancocks

A Google Trends analysis report reveals the "profound effects" of COVID-19 on interest in immune-boosting nutrients and herbs globally and which specific ingredients consumers favour across different global regions.

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Guest Article

Shifting perception by doing the right things

By Michael McGuffin, President, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

Occasionally, I get asked this question: why is the American Herbal Products Association involved in the sports nutrition category?

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Researchers zero in on supplement use among college athletes

By Danielle Masterson

The high prevalence of dietary supplementation use in the athletic population means there is a risk of inadvertent doping for those users who don’t do their research or get their information from reliable sources.

The Gut Microbiome: Available NOW on-demand!


The Gut Microbiome: Available NOW on-demand!

By Will Chu

The Sports & Active Nutrition Summit Europe 2020 continued to inform and educate with a discussion on gut health's importance in sport that is now available to view on-demand.

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