All news articles for October 2020

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Whey protein shown to boost mitochondria in runners

By Hank Schultz

A recent study showed supplementing runners with whey protein provided greater mitochondrial adaptations in response to exercise than did a carbohydrate-only drink used as a control.

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Recovery: How to reach the category's full potential

By Nikki Hancocks

Recovery focused sports nutrition is becoming just as relevant to the everyday active consumer as it is to the elite athlete but brands need to create consumer-centric products and marketing if they are to tap into the potentially huge audience.

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COVID-19: Scientists raise the vitamin D alarm

By Nikki Hancocks

A group of researchers and doctors have formed an international alliance aiming to encourage governments to increase recommendations for vitamin D intake to 4,000 IU daily as they believe this would reduce COVID-19 hospitalisations.

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