All news articles for October 2021

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Designing successful functional food and drink

By Nikki Hancocks

As consumer demand for functional food and drink continues to grow, Dr. Karensa Broersen, Adjunct Professor at University of Twente and Project Leader Advanced Analytics at NIZO, explains why careful product design from an early stage is key to developing...

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Esports supplement shows notable brain health benefits

By Nikki Hancocks

An industry-funded study reveals use of a brain health supplement prior to egaming may enhance some measures of memory, reaction time, reasoning, and concentration within 15 minutes of ingestion.

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Placebo packaging? Designing products with perceived potency

By Nikki Hancocks

Providing consumers with the sense that a product is providing a health benefit begins when they first look at the pack and continues through the consumption experience so there are many elements of this journey to get right. New consumer research from...

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