Swiss company launch pill that will help you wake up

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A tablet to improve the natural waking up process has been launched by Swiss neutraceutical company, Galventa and has been designed to help night owls and shift workers feel more alert with ingredients being slowly released during sleep.

Called B・SYNC ON, it  is designed to be taken at bedtime when it starts releasing key ingredients caffeine, vitamins B5, B12 and Zinc after seven hours using a patented delayed-release formulation which should be synchronised with waking up time.

Sleep-restricted volunteers help study 

A comprehensive clinical study conducted in a Swiss sleep pharmacology laboratory has shown that B・SYNC ON has a significant elevating effect on mood and cognition immediately after waking up, and that it substantially improves the overall wake-up experience. A peer-reviewed article summarising all the study ​results was published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports”.

A placebo-controlled double-blind cross-over was looked at the product’s ability to improve sleep inertia in 22 sleep-restricted volunteers. After taking 160mg of caffeine at 10.30pm, the volunteers were kept away until 3am to increase sleep inertia symptoms until a scheduled wake-up at 7am. Immediately after waking up, the subjective state, psychomotor vigilance, cognitive performance was quantified followed by evolution of the cortisol awakening response. Polysomnography was recorded during nocturnal sleep and a one-hour nap opportunity at 8am.

Researchers support product

The researchers wrote: “Compared to the placebo, the engineered caffeine formula accelerated the reaction time on the psychomotor vigilance task, increased positive and reduced negative affect scores, improved sleep inertia ratings, prolonged the cortisol awakening response, and delayed nap sleep latency one hour after scheduled awakening. Based on these findings, we conclude that this novel, pulsatile-release caffeine formulation facilitates the sleep-to-wake transition in sleep-restricted healthy adults.​”

They said they think anyone suffering from disabling sleep inertia may benefit from this 'innovative approach'. 

Dr. Dario Dornbierer, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Galventa said: “We’re incredibly excited to be launching B SYNC ON in the UK. We started our journey with the aim of developing a product that would help those struggling to wake in the morning with a safe countermeasure that would help them wake with ease.  We are delighted with the results of our clinical and consumer trials and very excited for it to be available in the UK for the first time.”

He added: “We’ve conducted extensive sleep pharmacological testing among healthy volunteers. The results revealed a substantial improvement of the wake-up process. The majority of subjects reported a significantly improved mood and increased vigilance immediately after awakening.”

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