Healthy Ageing APAC Summit 2020


Healthy Ageing APAC Summit 2020

Asia-Pacific’s population is ageing at a rapid rate, opening up huge new opportunities for food, beverage and nutrition companies.

The number of older persons in the region is expected to more than double from 600 million in 2018 to nearly 1.3 billion by 2050.

The event brings together brands, suppliers, regulators and market experts to assess how the industry can meet the food and nutrition needs of older consumers of today and tomorrow.

Crucially, it also comes from the perspective that healthy ageing begins from conception, and therefore assesses healthy food and nutrition solutions across all age spans, which help ensure people will ultimately enjoy a healthy older age.

Some of the key themes for the 2020 event will include:

Snacking for seniors: ​How the world’s leading FMCG brands can create options that aid Healthy Ageing

Reformulation and fortification: ​Expert insights on how to tackle the ticking economic and social timebomb of obesity and diabetes through reformulation strategies

Innovation for infants:​ How the latest research and product innovation is helping infants make the best start in life – leading to tangible health outcomes in later life

Functional foods focus:​ The region’s leading functional foods pioneers will share their strategies and experience in our dedicated showcase

Protein potential:​ The latest research around intake levels, product innovation and muscle health.

Indigenous insights:​ Research is booming in areas such at TCM, Ayurveda and Maori/Aboriginal botanicals and how they can be used for food and nutrition innovation. We’ll be hearing from an expert panel

Retail revolution: ​The region’s leading retailers will share their views on how they can meet the needs of senior consumers, both online and offline.

Medical and clinical case studies​: We’ll be hearing about the key advances being made in the area of foods for hospital patients as well as clinical nutrition solutions.

Markets and policy:​ Regulatory experts, decision makers, economists and trends analysts will be sharing the latest date into the economic, social and policy impacts of ageing.

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