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Pre & Probiotics 2015

Pre & Probiotics 2015

Some markets are flying (Asia), others are flatlining (Europe). Globally the market exceeds €20bn and it keeps growing in multiple matrices despite regularity heat elongated economic headwinds.
In Pre- and Probiotics 2015, NutraIngredients examines the forces acting on, and in, these markets.

Register, learn and engage with:

  • Major players and start-ups driving innovation in prebiotics and probiotics
  • Lab advances in the human microbiome, strain science and more
  • Market analysis from sector experts
  • Cutting edge prebiotic science & marketing
  • Regulation, marketing and consumer perception
  • Asian breakdown
  • The rise of private label

The ageing microbiota

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Challenges in Developing Stable and Efficient Probiotic Formulations

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Markets, marketing, law and opportunity – roundtable discussion

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