Performance & Recovery

Performance & Recovery

The cornerstone of sports nutrition. To push harder, go further, recover faster.

But has performance and recovery evolved much beyond the dominance of protein or pre workout? Is the focus of innovation on the core products or disrupting with new products, ingredients and benefits?

Just how relevant is performance and recovery to the active consumer? Whilst the industry likes to talk emerging, in reality success in sports nutrition will be defined by those who can find the best approach to navigating the core categories.


Nick  Morgan Nick Morgan Director
Sports Integrated

Robert Walker Robert Walker Head of Business Development and Growth

Frank  Engel Frank Engel Global Market Development Manager
Rousselot Health & Nutrition

James  Hudson James Hudson Performance Nutritionist and Recovery Sports Scientist
Gloucester Rugby

Suzane Leser Suzane Leser Director of Nutrition Communication

Jeroen  A. Wouters, PhD Jeroen A. Wouters, PhD Innovation Manager Sports and Nutrition
Dutch Olympic Training Center Papendal, The Netherlands