The NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2022

The NutraIngredients-Asia Awards​ are back for the fifth year running to reward true innovation and cutting edge research in functional foods, dietary supplements, and nutrition. 

The awards honor the best and brightest in ingredients, finished products, companies, people and initiatives in the nutrition and dietary supplements industry.
There are 17 categories​ to enter, which cover more diverse topics than ever before, giving every opportunity to participate, with a new category, Innovations in Women's Health Award​.

The opportunities that come with being named as a finalist or a winner mean your business and/or products will be in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Winning a prestigious NutraIngredients-Asia Award strengthens the credibility and visibility of your business, brand, and products, and makes your company shine.

Ingredient of the Year

Our Ingredient of the Year awards aim to celebrate the best ingredients and innovations that the industry has to offer in key consumer categories. This is your chance to stand out as a leader in your market segment and showcase your success and innovation to the rest of the industry.

Product of the Year

Our Product of the Year awards are your chance to showcase the best in finished product innovation and market success related to specific ingredients categories. This is your chance to stand out as a leading brand or manufacturing leader thanks to your innovative or successful use of one of our key ingredients.

Specialty Awards

Our awards go beyond ingredients and products and gives other stakeholders the chance to shine. Giving the opportunity to bring to light projects, initiatives, companies, people, and innovations making an impact in our industry.

The closing date for entries is Monday, 23 May 2022.​​


Owned and organized by​, the key news source for the functional food & beverage and dietary supplement industries, the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards are a great way to showcase your hard work and achievements within the industry.

The winners will be announced on​ during a virtual awards' presentation on Tuesday, 6 September 2022.

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