Immunity Webinar Series
Nutra Ingredients

12 webinars / 3 regions

The NutraIngredients Immunity Webinar Series

May 26 – June 25, 2020

Hosted by the NutraIngredients brand, the series shone a spotlight the hottest topic for the nutrition and functional food sector right now - immunity - focusing on the microbiome, active nutrition, clinical research and botanicals.

With consumer demand for immunity-boosting products soaring, the series brought together leading experts to assess:

  • The existing scientific evidence
  • The scope for new product development
  • The opportunity for gold-standard clinical research
  • And the marketing and regulatory challenges across the globe

All 12 webinars in the series are now available to view on demand until the 25th September

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Webinar Topics

See below for a quick recap of each webinar that took place within the series

  • Clinical Research and Immunity in APAC

    26 May at 1pm SGT

    Discussing the key components of quality clinical research and shining the spotlight on companies and academics that are investing in gold-standard immunity research.

  • Microbiome and Immunity in APAC

    3 June at 1pm SGT

    Analysing where the future research priorities should lie and how this can be a springboard for fresh commercial success across the probiotics and prebiotics sector.

  • Botanicals and Immunity in APAC

    16 June at 1pm SGT

    Examining the ingredients are resonating with consumers, the latest research findings and how botanical products could potentially complement conventional treatments.

  • Active Nutrition and Immunity in APAC

    24 June at 1pm SGT

    As the number of people seeking to adopt an active lifestyle increases, so does the importance of immunity within the active nutrition category. In this online event, we’ll be debating the latest innovations, insights and evidence of how optimal nutrition can boost immunity and keep consumers active.

  • Active Nutrition

    27 May at 4pm CET

    A look into the science behind how the immune system works, how exercise shapes it and how diet and supplements can help maintain strong immunity during moderate and extreme exercise.

  • Botanicals

    2 June at 4pm CET

    Taking a look at the science behind elements of immune system support that botanicals may offer that also include new delivery formats and effects on improving wellbeing and mood.

  • Microbiome

    17 June at 4pm CET

    While consumers search for ‘immune boosting’ food and supplements, we take a look at the science showing a boost in microbial diversity is key and discuss opportunities created by this unprecedented period.

  • Clinical Research

    25 June at 4pm CET

    A look at the challenges faced in conducting clinical trials, maintaining quality, standards and effectively interpreting findings, particularly in the face of commercial and regulatory expectations.

  • Immunity and the microbiome: Probiotics and prebiotics to support healthy immune function

    28 May at 12pm CT

    The gut is the largest immune organ, so how should companies build the science to find success with pre- and probiotics for the support of a healthy immune system?

  • Immune health clinical research: Building the science to support the claims

    4 June at 12pm CT

    We’ll debate the do’s and do not’s of quality clinical research, look at which biomarkers to target, and examine industry case studies for building a gold-standard research program.

  • Immunity through the Active Nutrition lens: The role of immunity in sports performance and recovery

    18 June at 12pm CT

    Exercise and immunity go hand-in-hand, so what are some of the ingredient solutions for formulators targeting active consumers?

  • Botanicals and immunity: Herbal ingredients to support healthy immune function

    23 June at 12pm CT

    Botanicals have a long history for supporting immune function, but how can companies communicate these specific benefits while staying true to the science and within the regulations?