Tablet tiredness: Probiotic chocolate could be attractive supplement alternative, claims Milsing.

Special edition: Innovations in better-for-you confectionery

Probiotics more stable in chocolate than pills, says Milsing

By Oliver Nieburg

Chocolate is a more effective delivery system than capsules and tablets for probiotics and could be an attractive alternative for consumers, according to Croatian supplement firm Milsing.

Mitchell offered three top tips for energy management

Top three energy tips for food firms

By Laurence Gibbons

Food manufacturers could cut their energy costs by operating more energy efficiently, avoiding production during expensive peak demand periods and working more closely with their energy providers.

Peter Zambetti:

Special edition: Outsourcing

Collaborate or die: Inside a contract manufacturing giant


What does it take to be a successful contract manufacturer and solutions provider to the food supplements sector in an age where the sanctity of many business coalitions is being challenged by nimble start-ups with an array of new post-capitalist tools? We...

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