CSIR has pooled research about hoodia while the San people have attacked a damning study that prompted Unilever to drop its €20m hoodia project

Kalahari tribe throws weight at Unilever over hoodia rejection

By Shane Starling

South Africa’s San people say food giant Unilever was working off inaccurate research data when it decided to bin a €20m investment in hoodia gordonii, the Kalahari cactus the San have used for centuries to curb hunger pangs.

Marmite could be back on Danish shelves in three months...if Unilever applies for permission

Unilever on unauthorised Danish Marmite sales: “We are innocent”

By Shane Starling

Marmite, recently withdrawn from the Danish market after it became apparent the fortified, yeast breakfast spread did not possess a fortified food authorisation under the Scandinavian country’s strict laws, could be back on-market in three months, Danish...

No cause for change: EFSA affirms its rejection of Danone and Yakult dossiers

EFSA rejects Danone and Yakult probiotic appeals

By Shane Starling

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims panel says there are no grounds for alteration of its rejection last year of probiotic health claim dossiers submitted by Danone and Yakult.

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