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Some truths endure, even through the confusions of today

By Hank Schultz

Botanical ingredients have a history of thousands of years of supporting human health. As we enter springtime in the North Hemisphere it's comforting to reflect on the fact that that will still be true even as the current crisis passes.

NutraCast Podcast: Nina Mullen on Hilma's 'clinical herbal' category

NutraCast Podcast: Nina Mullen on Hilma's 'clinical herbal' category

By Danielle Masterson

After looking in her medicine cabinet and finding that the natural options weren’t backed by science and science-backed products weren’t clean label, Nina Mullen and her two co-founders, Hilary Quartner and Lily Galef, came up with the brand Hilma.

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Educational Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health: PART 2

Prescribing diets: Doctors reveal top tips for giving nutrition and lifestyle advice

By Nikki Hancocks

For many medical doctors, the idea of giving nutrition advice to their patients can feel like a minefield, but two health experts who have successfully used diet and lifestyle advice to treat patients with type 2 diabetes have revealed their top tips....

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