What kind of health claims will be made on the Vitafoods show floor this year?

Vitafoods: EU nutra space wriggles into new health claims clothes

By Shane Starling

Vitafoods celebrates its 15th birthday next week. It’ll be my 11th consecutive May visit to Geneva for the jamboree and promises to be one of the most intriguing chapters with the (partial and belated) resolution of years of ambiguity regarding health...

Don't get slimed...

“Pink slime”: Safe, nutritious – and icky

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

An overwhelming chorus of “eww, that sounds gross!” alongside some scary junk science about ammonium hydroxide, has led to a safe, nutritious product being pulled from stores – but there is an important lesson here for industry.

Like the rapper Eminem, DMAA is being asked to confront its drug links

Coming clean: Will the real DMAA please stand up?

By Shane Starling

USP Labs and other manufacturers and retailers that trade in products that contain the pre-workout stimulant DMAA are feeling the heat at the moment as scrutiny around the source and safety of the compound mounts.

Multivitamins and mortality: ‘Seeing-what-you-want’ science

Multivitamins and mortality: ‘Seeing-what-you-want’ science

By Stephen Daniells

During a week when the industry gathered under clear blue skies in Las Vegas to celebrate 15 years of SupplySide West, black clouds rolled in and unleashed a short sharp downpour: I am of course referring to the articles published on multivitamins and...

Reduced sodium is not a killer USP for most consumers

The uncomfortable truth about Campbell's salt u-turn

By Elaine Watson

It’s enraged dieticians and delighted the Salt Institute. But Campbell Soup’s high-profile u-turn on sodium raises some difficult questions about reformulation for all stakeholders.

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