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3 Key Reasons MenaQ7® is the Superior Vitamin K2


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Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is now known as an essential nutrient for all life's stages because:

  • NattoPharma has sponsored all the research confirming safety and efficacy, providing MenaQ7®​ as the source material for 19+ published clinical studies.
  • NattoPharma actively engages media to educate about clinical discoveries, creating demand.

These ongoing efforts open new avenues for manufacturers, creating true potential for products. And with 3 points of differentiation between MenaQ7®​ and all other Vitamin K2s, your products can deliver on their promise to improve health provided they feature MenaQ7®​.

NattoPharma will highlight the latest innovations to the MenaQ7®​ line at Vitafoods Europe Stand C24.

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