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A unique Vitamin C supplement

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A unique Vitamin C supplement

"Zila Nutritionals is expanding availability of Ester-C, an advanced form of vitamin C with a new agreement with distributor Gee Lawson covering most of Europe." Ester-C is a unique Vitamin C supplement that contains threonate, a naturally occurring metabolite that aids in the absorption process, making Ester-C easy for the body to use. Ester-C is different to conventional forms of Vitamin C because it is non-acidic and gentle to the stomach. If you are one of the many people who lead a busy lifestyle and your diet needs topping up, then you should consider an alternative vitamin C supplement to balance your nutritional dietary intake. Ester-C is particularly good for people who are used to taking high dosages of vitamin C. Vitamin C can typically be found in fresh fruit and vegetables such as citrus fruits like oranges, limes, strawberries, tomatoes and root vegetables like potatoes. Since vitamin C is cannot be produce or stored by the body, it needs to be replenished daily. Commonly referred to as an anti - oxidant, vitamin C is one of the body's best defences against free radicals to protect against the stresses of modern life, such as pollution and smoke, keeping the body in optimum condition. Vitamin C is typically used to keep away winter nasties such as the common cold, and in spring/summer a great deterrent for people who suffer from hay fever. Ester-C is backed by science with proven clinical trials that may suggest an improvement in maintaining overall health. What's the appeal in stocking Ester-C for manufacturers? Ester-C has enjoyed tremendous growth over recent years and a positive increase in demand. It is now the leading brand in the vitamin C category, with an overall market share of 18 per cent. Ester-C has been consistently growing over the past few years, in comparison to the vitamin C market, which has showed static or little growth. The reason for this is due to the premium positioning of Ester-C, held by manufacturers and customers. This organic growth is backed by a dedicated marketing communications campaign, which has already seen Ester-C featured in some of the country's highest circulating national newspapers like The Guardian, The Mirror and The Daily Mail. What the media are saying about Ester-C: "Ester-C is sometimes described as body ready and has the additional benefit of entering the bloodstream faster compared with other forms of Vitamin C," say Dr Sarah Brewer, a medical practitioner, author and well-established health writer. In order to increase product visibility, consumer appeal has been significantly heightened through the development of point of sale material, information brochures, in conjunction with a high profile media education campaign. As a result, this has created a demand for Ester-C as consumers are now asking for it by name. Maybe this is something you should consider including in your product range? With the success of Ester-C in the UK, the product is now being released into other EU markets and supported by a dedicated public relations programme to reach consumers. You will have a chance to find out more about this exciting product by visiting one of the many food trade shows in the coming months. An opportunity to find out more about Ester-C in Italy is at the forthcoming Natural Products Exhibition in Bologna from 7-10th September 2006 or contact Gee Lawson Nutritional.

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