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ABYSS' INGREDIENTS a marine biotechnology company is a leading ingredients manufacturer, exporting worldwide. It was established on the initiative of fishing and fish processing professionals in Brittany who were eager to bring high grade marine ingredients to market. Abyss' Ingredients developed a wide range of marine ingredients designed for nutraceutical, cosmetic, aromatic, food and feed industries. The scientific expertise of Abyss' Ingredients is due to its highly qualified team who is guaranteeing traceability, quality control and the best ingredients. Abyss' Ingredients creative biotechnology team is dedicated to producing successful and accurate ingredients. We are internationally recognized for the innovative characteristics of our product as well as our ability to respond to an ever-changing market. With over 60% of its turnover outside France, Abyss' Ingredients is a fast-growing international company and is working in conjunction with Gee Lawson to market its products across Europe. There are a lot of Nutrition and health as well as health supplements applications. Marine Ingredients associated with other ingredients may be used in your formulations to improve efficacy, prevent or supplement ... : Joints Health Cosmetic Formulations Anti-stress Immunostimulation Cardiovascular protection Memory Bone fortification Sport Growth And many more besides.... Range of Products: Shark cartilage, Skate (Ray) Cartilage, Hydrolyzed Cartilage (Cartidea®), Anti-stress fish peptides (Peptidea®), Minerals (Phosphymag®, Phosphymer®, Ideamag®, Marine Calcium Hydroxyapatite), Fish Oils, Collagen Hydrolysate ( Hydrocollamer®) and de-odorized collagen hydrolysate

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