Add color to clean label food supplements


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Add color to clean label food supplements

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Coloring food, key for clean label
Demand for natural solutions to help maintain health remains strong. Consumer research shows that seven out of ten shoppers seek supplements with no artificial colors. After several years in the pipeline, we are now launching the industry’s first line of clean-label capsule colorants using coloring food in response to heightened consumer interest. This latest innovation helps our customers establish unique brand identities that encompass both on-trend, true-to-nature colors and a complete clear and clean label.

Consumer-driven clean-label solutions
The new food colored capsules are an extension to the existing Capsugel vegetarian clean-label capsule dosage form portfolio, which is designed to offer optimal performance across a wide range of powder and liquid formulations in dynamic regulatory environment.

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Stéphane Vouche Stéphane Vouche Marketing Manager M.Sc

Morgan Laloux Morgan Laloux Business Development Manager Consumer Health & Nutrition

Aurélien Gilot Aurélien Gilot Key Account Manager
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