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Botanical ingredients for a natural beauty

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Botanical ingredients for a natural beauty

Skin care and circulation are closely linked by the health of each other. Healthy skin supports proper circulation, and, the other way around, proper circulation supports healthy skin. Indena, the world leader in botanical derivatives, has created a complete line of cosmetic ingredients, of natural origin, that contribute to maintaining proper circulation. Indena's botanical ingredients contribute to the maintainence and promotion of healthy blood vessels with different targets, acting at different sites and with various mechanisms of action. Clinical trials have indicated the safety and efficacy of the products mentioned. With the exception of a few of them, most are applicable both for topical and oral applications, for a global approach to beauty. Opextan™ is Indena's latest beauty product: in various trials it has performed wrinkle prevention and skin protection from lipoperodixation and extreme skin sensitivity. Circulation improvers may perform differently. Depending on the activity you need, you may choose one or combine two or more ingredients to achieve a synergistic action. Looking for reinforcement of venous wall? Esculoside , as well as Leucoselect® (Grape seed extract) and Proanthocyanidin A2, counteract the activity of proteases (hyaluronidase and collagenase) reducing the catabolism of the proteins sustaining the perivascular connective tissue integrity. A similar effect, acting on the other side on the collagen biosynthesis, is exerted by Centella asiatica selected triterpenes and Asiaticoside, both obtained from Centella asiatica. Mirtoselect® (Bilberry extract) has a specific affinity to endothelial cell membranes, increasing capillary resistance and reducing their permeability. It also has been proven to inhibit proteolytic enzymes as elastase, thus reducing the degradation of proteins in the extracellular matrix. Additionally, it interacts with collagen metabolism, by cross-linking fibers and making them more resitant to collagenase action. Looking for vasokinetics? Ginkgoselect® from Ginkgo biloba acts mainly by stimulating blood flow and the rhythmic contractions of precapillary arterioles. Butcher's broom and ruscogenins C (isolated again from Buther's broom) promote the activation of adrenergic receptors by acting on the smooth muscle cells of the venous system. Hawthorn enhances the blood flow by reducing peripheral resistance. Looking for antioedema ingredients? Horse chestnut, as well as Escine (contained in horse chestnut extract as well) act on capillary permeability, by reducing oedema due to the excessive water exchange. The lymphatic vessels, on the other hand, are stimulated by coumarin, present in Lymphaselect®, which improves lymphatic vessel rhythm and tone. Most of the ingredients are also supplied in the more bioavailable Phytosome® form. Other botanical extracts with different properties of natural origin have been developed by Indena for cosmetic applications. To know more, check or contact us.

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