Building a Healthy Immune System: Learn How Two Essential Vitamins Fortify the Immune System

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Building a Healthy Immune System

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Why do some people have a less difficult time with viruses, while others end up in the hospital, fighting for their lives? Why do some escape being infected by viruses altogether?
The strength of a person’s immune system is one answer. There are simple, logical things we can do to strengthen our immune system. Doctors McComsey and Myers are at the forefront of clinical research on infectious diseases and have written a book that outlines exactly what we all can do.

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Grace McComsey Grace McComsey, MD, FIDSA Vice President of Research and Associate Chief Scientific Officer
University Hospitals (U.H.) Health System

Andrew Myers Andrew Myers Naturopathic physician
Private practice

William Sears William Sears, MD Co-founder
AskDrSears.com and the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute