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Chicory inulin and oligofructose: Excellent sugar replacement in products for diabetics

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EFSA: Sensus inulin proven impact on blood glucose

Recent evidence suggests that the prebiotic effect might also be relevant as the changes in gut microbiota could prevent the development of low-grade inflammation and type 2 diabetes associated with obesity. Their low glycemic response make chicory inulin and oligofructose suitable ingredients in products for diabetics. They can be used as sugar and starch replacer (on their own or in combination with other ingredients) in a large variety of products to lower the glycemic response of such food products.

Their dietary fiber properties (e.g. lowering blood lipids related to heart health) are also useful for the development of such products.
Sensus offers inspiration for tomorrow’s health with the innovative food ingredients Frutafit® inulin and Frutalose® oligofructose. Consumers are getting more focused on their food choices. Healthier lifestyle and healthy food choices therefore go hand in hand. At Sensus we partner with food companies to offer solutions to satisfy this rapidly growing demand.

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