Collagen in motion: move freely and keep your injuries in check


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Keeping connective tissue healthy is crucial to sportspeople who aim at moving freely and efficiently and staying injury-free. Collagen peptides are bioactive proteins that support connective tissues, limit joint discomfort and can prevent injury, by stimulating local cells to produce more collagen fibers and tissue matrix. Latest science also demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects.Their unique amino acid composition offers performance and recovery benefits that go far beyond muscle regeneration. Highly bioavailable, neutral in taste and instantly soluble, Peptan collagen peptides are suitable for any formulation, incl. high protein blends. Peptan provides manufacturers extra value to multifunctional sports nutrition solutions.The leading collagen peptide brand, Peptan is backed by science and listed as a premium active ingredient in major international sports nutritional product brands.


Elke de Clerck Elke De Clerck Product and Business Development Manager

Mai Nygaard Mai Nygaard Global Director

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