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Complimentary Therapy for 1st Phase Treatment of Dementia?


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Complimentary Therapy for 1st Phase Treatment of Dementia?

In October, at the ICPH 2011 (International Conference on Polyphenols and Health) findings from BerryPharma sponsored research were presented to the scientific community by Professor Dr Günter Siegel, Department of Microcirculation, Charité Medical University, Berlin.

Professor Siegel examined the elasticity and vasodilation of human brain tissue (endothelium) after treatment with a proprietary BerryPharma Blackcurrant extract, referenced as BC-AC-160. This ingredient from BerryPharma is standardised by polyphenols and anthocyanins. In addition, Professor Siegel used the same extract to examine the impact on plaque formation. Under both research protocols, results were comparable to leading pharmaceutical drugs without the subsequent side effects from these drugs. This research has significant implications for first phase treatment of dementia as a complimentary therapy as well as the potential incorporation into cardio vascular treatments. Professor Siegel also noted the potential application for oxidative stress related disorders.

Obviously, this research is strictly confidential until publication.

We are seeking companies that may be interested to eventually partner with BerryPharma to market this active ingredient to consumers.

Further discussions would need to be by appointment after the necessary Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements had been signed.

 The research will be on-going.

Contact us, if you are interested to partner with BerryPharma.

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